No Clothes

A few weeks ago my aunt went to the lake.When she got there and started to leave she busted a tire on her truck and trailer.She called me and asked if I would bring her a spare .She didn't take much money and couldn't afford to replace both tires.I got her a spare from her building and took off to the lake.It is about a three and a half hour drive there and I was going and comming back the same day.I got there about mid afternoon and helped her change the tire and decided to go for a swim.I was already soaked with sweat .I swam a while and went inside to shower while my clothes were in the dryer.While still in the shower my aunt called out that she was leaving I told her that I would be along pretty soon.Whith her gone I took my time showering and got out to take a nap on the couch in the nude while my clothes dried.I awoke around 6 pm and went in the wash room for my clothes and saw that the dryer was empty.My aunt must have took them with her.I didn't tell her that I put my wet clothes in there and she must have thought that they were hers or one of her friends.I looked every where for just a pair of pants or even a long shirt but didn't find anything to put on.It was only about a hour or so till dark so I left out for home in the nude.I was nervous at first but about half an hour into my ride I was enjoying it.I had the windows down and in my truck no one could see that I was naked.Luckly I made it home without any problems from driving almost half way across the state in the buff.
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2 Responses Jun 23, 2010

Not certain if I would ever have that much hutzpah to pull that off, whether I had the choice or not! Had it been me, I would certainly have to dump some hormones first to keep my penis from causing trouble on the drive, but the exhilaration may have gotten my testicles in high gear anyhow! Because of that, very good that it was soon dark. How long did the drive take? Trusting you did nothing to risk being pulled over!

<b>i have done similar thing smany times</b> but almost always had clothes along.<br />
when i walk around in our local cruise area, i hide my shorts and get as far away from them as practical.<br />
<b>stay bare!</b>