Woman In Locker Room


This story took place in Pointe Claire  Canada before family change rooms.

I have another few childhood experiences which I will add soon.

I was caught naked but it was not really "accedentally" I just tried to make it apear that way.

This story contains true stories about nakedness.  Please do not scroll down if this offends you.



The story starts here.

Once after swimming lessons. I went to the men's changing room. The changing room was divided by boys and mens. I walked into the boys section. A woman was helping her 3 very young children to get dressed. (all the kids were young so she didn't feel bad going into the changing room.)

I took of my bathing suit with a towel around me. Boy did I have an hard on. (I had no hair yet) . I moved the towel to dry my hair. My heart would be racing about a mile a minute.

Every now and again her eyes would look at me, and my hard on, and then turn away. My heart would be racing even faster.

One time, she had a small pile of clothes to her left. I sat down beside the pile of clothes. She needed clothes every few seconds. She would look down at the clothes. And of course saw my erect penis. My penis was so erect it was trembling.

Every week I would do this. I would take a long time to wipe off the water, even longer to get dressed. In order to expose my erect penis I would always put by pants on last. I would even comb my hair in the nude. It should have taken me 2 minutes to get dressed I would let it take about 10 minutes. She had time to take care of all three children and watch me in the time it took me to get ready.) When I saw her getting ready to leave I would always leave first.

Before every lesson I would try and find her. I never would get close to her at this time. I just wanted to find out where she was putting her locker. I would get changed in a different row. (I had my bathing suit on under my pants anyway.)

(There were rows of lockers square lockers about one foot by one foot. Stacked about five high.)

After she left the change room. I would open all the locker doors near where she was standing to find which one was hers. And then move my clothes in a locker near hers.

Once she chose a locker near penis level. I chose a locker that would have her face about 5 inches from my very erect penis.

After lessons that day. I went to the change room as usual without stopping at the shower. I got there before she did. I got naked.

When she got there. She had to be inches from my penis to open her locker door. She took a few clothes out a time so she would take longer then it had to. She would stop every trip and take one or two items out, very slowly.

My hard on was up to a little higher then my bellybutton and was at about a 70-degree angle. As she was taking the clothes out of the locker, sometimes my penis would get about 3 or 4 inches away from her face. She even took the socks out one at a time. My heart was beating a mile a minute. It took her about 5 minutes to take out the clothes. It should have only taken a few seconds.

Everything was out and she no longer needed the locker, so I moved to the center bench near her and dried myself for long time. Very close to her but this time a few feet. I maintained the hard on the whole time. This time everything took about 15 minutes.

Wherever I was she looked my way. If I was accross from her she changed her kids facing me letting her kids sit on the bench. If I was on the same side she sat on the bench facing me.

I kept doing this until I was 13 (and starting with a little pubic hair).

Week after week, we never said a word to each other. I just paraded around naked and she just watched.  I always took my bathings suit off with a towel around me and then moved the towel so she could get a good long look.

One day I was getting ready. I couldn't find my bathing suit. My mom had packed it. I told her I liked to wear it under my pants. She got it out of the bag and brought it to my bedroom. I told her to close the door (I didn't say leave and close the door.)

She closed the door and I took of my clothes right in front of her.

From that point on I changed into my suit in front of my mother.  After this first time it was always while erect.

At the end of that season she asked me if I wanted to renew. I said no, thinking it was better to get naked for my pretty mother than that not so pretty woman.

But I didn't get naked for her again for a while.

At 14 after discovering how to m.bate I checked under my pillow, no pajamas.  My mother never put my pijamas in the same place.  So I went to my dresser and opened every drawer to find them.  I didn't change into them. I went to the kitchen and asked my mother to find me some magazines that I could cut advertisements out of.  I told her I would get ready for bed.

My plan was to get super hard and have her walk in on me pretending to be changing.

I took off all my clothes except my socks.  I put them in the hamper so I couldn't grab something to cover myself with.

I started playing with my penis.  It was still limp.  A knock at the door. "Can I come in."  "No", I said, "I'm naked"

She came in anyway,  She looked at me and turned around.  "That was uneventful" I thought.

She only went to close the door.  She stayed in my room.

She sat at my feet.  I moved my hands to cover my penis.  She handed me the magazines.  I removed my hands from my still limp penis.

I looked at them for a while and said, "Wait"

I looked down and my penis was erect now, she saw it grow even though I didn't.  I took off my socks and went to look for my PJs under the pillow.  No luck of course,  then I went to look for them in my dresser.  Not finding them.  My mom was staring at my bum and my penis the whole time.  She came close, eventually we found them.

The next day she told me to leave the door to the bathroom unlocked on Saturday when my sister was going to stay over at her friends house so she could explain the changes going on with my body.

I went to the bath, but locked it.  I heard my mother try to open it.  But it was locked.

When I got out of my bath I noticed there was no towels.  I screamed at my mom to bring me a towel.  She said leave the door unlocked.

I went back to the bath, and lathered up my penis and my bum.

She opened the door. I was standing in the bath washing my penis with a lot of soap, like as if I was washing.  I said close the door its cold.  She did but came in.

I continued washing my penis and bum. She just watched.  I really washed well.  My penis really grew.

When I pulled the plug she helped my towel myself dry.

At 15 once we were sharing a chalet with friends. The bathroom was occupied when I went to it to change. I came back dressed. My mom asked what happened. I said someone was in the bathroom. She said change here. I said no mom.

She said I've already seen you naked. I did it. I changed right in front of her.

That night when it was bedtime, she was already in bed reading. I changed in front of her with a hard on. I took my time.

I went to bed. She turned off the light but there was an open window with a light shining in. I could see my mother in the twin bed beside me.

I removed the covers lowered my pajama pants and played with myself in front of her. She didn't say a word.  She saw me squirt.  I changed from lying on my back to on my side just before squirting so she could have a good look.
In the morning. She got up first. She looked and smiled at me. I though she thought I was a pervert. But she changed right in front of me. I played with myslef and squirted over and over again while watching her. This time I squrted under the covers.

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you are very naughty, I did the same to my mom, and twice to her friends


interesting progression between you and Mom.

like story

Hey, I really liked your last story about getting caught naked. Very clever. If you have another stories or ideas on getting older woman to "accidentally" find me naked with a *****, I'm currently 14. Please post other experiences, I would really appreciate it.

Wow, that was good. Have your mom touch your penis in your teen age?

my mom and other family members saw me naked alot my mom and aunt like to dislpine me by spanking my butt while i was naked.i have not bloomed yet so bodily i look like 10 or 11 yr old boy still and my sisters loveed teaseing me about that

No but I will amend this story or create a new one. I have had lots of experiences. These are the only one with my mom but I have more childhood experiences and some adult ones also.