Caught With No Pants!

I was walking along a stretch of coast. I could see no one was around so I took my clothes off and walked naked, enjoying the sense of sun and breeze on my skin. Its been such a long cold Winter, it feels like a relief to shed clothes and walk naked. This went well for a mile or so. First a female runner suddenly appeared on the path ahead. I had no time to hide but quickly crouched down and put my shorts on. I'm sure she saw me naked, and embarrased put my shorts on quickly, but I smiled at her and said good morning and she smiled back and ran on. She didnt seem to mind and I wished I had not bothered to cover up.
Later going down a hillside path a middle aged couple also appeared ahead. This time there was not even time to put any shorts on so I just had to brave it out. Lets say that they werent so accepting! "Put your shorts on now all I'll call the police" the man said - I knew at the time the police were engaged in a manhunt for a serial killer - but I did. I put them back on and felt guitly about enjoying the pleasure of being naked. They made me feel like a pervert. I wasn't deliberately exposing myself (I didnt have an erection for one thing and I'm not exactly blessed with a large penis), so that was the last thing I wanted to do. "School parties come this way" they said as though I deliberately flashed at teenage girls (who would probably just laugh at me).
Its sad - I love being naked - I especially love being naked outside and enjoying the fresh air - but there are too few places in this small country where you can be naked without worrying about bumping into people who will disapprove. I believe being naked isnt illegal so its not against the law, but what can you do except a furtive walk in sand dunes or a local park. Are there organised naked walks - I may feel safer in numbers as I now dont know what to do.
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Thanks both
I dont actually worry too much about physique .I am like most men and just wish I had a larger **** - its somehow reassuring that you have a good sized **** when naked in public!
Agree with your comments - there are few enough naked facilities in this country without them being marginalised so much. Its a generally harmless activity.
If you have any more details of the Sussex group I would be grateful to know although as its Winter now the opportunities will be limited for a while.

I agree its nice to take naked walks but never know how people will take u being naked. Don't worry about physique. Its not about that

Hi summerman, i love being nude in the sun just like you do, and ilke you i also enjoy walking in the countryside naked as well, there are nude rambling groups around including one in sussex, not far from your home in london.
I too have come across the selfish non nudist bigots on the nude beachs as well, when i'm on a recognised or offical nude beach i don't hang back, i tell them that they're being arragant and selfish to there faces, as we have every right to be there and we're not doing anyone any harm, they just want 100% of the beaches for their clothed enjoyment and are not prepared to give as much as a square yard to those who enjoy sunbathing in the nude, this is a give and take society but they think we should give while they only take, this is usually followed by a few choice Fs and Cs as they are told be on there way

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It is ridiculous and becoming more and more difficult in the UK off of designated nudist beaches! Even on some of those, non nudists come and moan at the people who like to be naked. I think those beaches should be designated nude only, so that it stops prudes coming and getting "embarrassed" .

Thanks for the comment. Appreciate it. It would be good to know others who also enjoyed the same!

Don't let other people make you feel bad or like a pervert for what you like. You like what you like and can't help, you're not hurting anyone, just enjoying yourself. Don't let other peoples opinions stop you from enjoying life.