Wife Naked

Late one night around 3am my wife woke me saying that she was having chest pains. She is 45 yrs. old and in pretty good health. But she does have a history of heart disease in her family and we were both pretty scared. I imediately called 911. My wife is a very attractive woman and for 45 has a great body. We soon heard the sirens and a rescue and firetruck showed up. I brought two paramedics and two firemen to the bedroom. My wife was in obvious pain and I stood and watched as one Medic took control. He needed to check her heart and needed to lift her nightgown. She was covered to her waist by blankets. He pulled the blanket down and she was wearing her usual nightie. Very sexy. At that moment I realized that we had sex earlier in the evening and that sometimes she does not put her underwear back on after sex. Before I could do anything her nightie was up to her neck and there she was exposed to the world stark naked. Now she was in so much pain she didn't care. Her leg was slighly bent and her whole neatly trimmed vagina was staring at us all. At the time I was more concerned for her health and did not want to interfere. It seemed like an eternity but soon she was covered and on the stretcher on the way to the hospital. It turns out it was a Gall Bladder attack and she is on medication now. But looking back all I can think of is her being naked in front of four strange men. My wife is now embarrassed by the incident. I must admit when I see her naked now I get very turned on by the thought of that whole experience. I realized that the thought of other men seeing her naked turns me on.
redsoxfan4lif redsoxfan4lif
51-55, M
Jul 11, 2010