Staining The Deck

The family was out of town and we live in the country. It was a hot day and I was going to stain the deck in back of the house. I enjoy being outside nude. I thought no one can see so why not. It did feel good and I had worked about an hour. Then I heard a woman's voice call my name. Just as I looked up there was my neighbor from across the road. She is a nice young lady always appeared to be on the shy side. She saw me and just smiled. I tried to cover myself. I started to apologize. Then she said that she and her husbad had gone nude behind their house but were afraid someone would see them. I then relaxed. We talked about how my family was doing out of town and how she was getting alone with her illness for about 10 minutes. She asked me not to share this with her husband and I agree it she didn't share with my wife. I saw her driving the next day when I was at the mailbox. She just waved and gave me a big smile.
Qbob1 Qbob1
51-55, M
Jul 11, 2010