I Hear A Car

One gorgous sunny day I took a walk down this lane I discovered close to town.Oh what fun it was just me and the big blue sky,then it hit me ,just how alone I was when I came to a clearing between two hills. As I looked around and up oh how good it felt to be alive and see all of this beauty. Wanting to enjoy myself more I wonder what it would feel like being naked outdoors? Silly me I just had to do it.At first I felt like someone was watching me and don't do it.After looking all around I put my fear away and thought that the only one dum enough to be here was me.So very slowly and shaking I got nude. What the hay this is great,I saw this mud puddle and just had to walk through it.Then I walked on the grass and some dusty dirt when I heard a car or truck coming my way .I started running back to where my clothes were.My heart was pounding so hard I though it was going to explode. I got to my clothes but it was to late I was spotted.They stopped and got out and came over to where I ducked down. The one guy in the truck said lets just get out of here the guy not far away from me said I just want to make sure he's OK. By then I had gotten my jeans and shoes on, so I grabbed everything else and dashed off into the woods.
reggiebloom53 reggiebloom53
Jul 14, 2010