Exposed By Cunning Sister

after my nightshift last sat i got home about half 7 tired as hell jumped in a shower came out and collapsed asleep on top of my bed with just my towel on little sis had her 3 friends stayin and as i fell asleep with my room door open she and her friends thought it wld be funny to remove my towel and tie my hands to my bed...............................the ***** i cldnt believe it wen i woke up at 7 O'Clock that night.............i was so embarrassed. Me a 21 year old man tied naked and watched by my 14 year old sister and friends. At first i tried to struggle free, which brought my sister and her friends out of her room. I demanded to be released but they just giggled and shook there heads. When i heard my mom coming up the stairs i thought finally i will be untied, i asked her to untie me and to my horror she smirked and said no you can stay like that until your sister decides. I object instantly pleading with my mum to be untied whilst my sister and friends chuckle with excitement at being in control of my nakedness. My sister was now growing in confidence, especially since she had expected to be told off. My mum says as she walks away laughing maybe you'll think twice before teasing your sister again and you'll learn a valuable lesson dont mess with the women in this house. She then opened the front door and said come in everyone and see for yourselves, my 14 year old daughter has let this pathetic boy know we women are the superior race-and in comes a couple of my mums friends a few neighbours and there daughters-they all laughed and remarked think i will try that on my boys tonight................... they all started laughing and taking pics eventually when my sister finished showing off to her friends i was untied and i stayed in my room for days afterwards. As i live with my two sisters and mom its only ever females thats around. And i am still teased daily and shown pics of me asleep tied naked.

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6 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Pure CFNM fantasy.

Dude that is horrible you should totally pay your sis back I mean your 7 years older than her, invite a few mates and do the same to her.

just do the same and call you friends play with your mom ANd sis naked

This has to be fake. When I was 21yr my sister and mom would never have done this to me, because they would have known that when they untied me there would have been hell to pay back. I would have done the same thing to them right away and I would have invited my buddies over to teach both of them an extra special lesson! These ******* would have learned real quick which sex is dominate.<br />
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So, either one of two things are going on here. 1. This is fake. or 2. They were giggling at the amazement of how damn small your balls are! And your mom had her friends look to, because they wouldn't believer her on how small your balls are. <br />
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It's time to grow some dude.<br />
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Oh, and no damn bed would ever hold me in that situation. I would have busted that bed to pieces getting free! Like I said grow some balls and muscles dude or start wearing a dress!

u shuld do the same to ur sister and mum and leaf them for a few days untill thay come up with an appoligy

my sisters often do things like that too