It Happens

It was a casual Friday night and my new bf then called me up and asked if we wanted to hang out. I was bored out my mind, so I jumped at the offer.

As i arrived at his house, i was hoping we would be alone. I couldn't hear any trace of noise, so I thought we were. He invited me in, gave me a kiss and then a sexy look which made me turned on and thinking that he was heading to something. He grabbed my hand and brought me upstairs covering my eyes and said, "I have a surprise for you, why don't you make yourself comfortable".

So, i had a feeling what he meant. He then left the room to give me time and said he would be only five minutes. I began to undress thinking that he wanted me to get intimate. Five minutes later, he called me to come over into the room next door to his room. I walked out all proud of myself and walked into the living room butt naked. Unexpectedly, I saw three shocked faces looking upon my body. He didn't tell me the surprise was that he wanted me to meet his parents!

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Wow what did you do besides give them an answer to what he liked so much about you. It has happened to me in a way to so I get it except the first time was a prank by my freind she has a wild side to her it is, In the Country, I drive nude, if you want to hear my happening.

Surprises do not always means sex. But i am sure that the men in that family would have cherished ur image in their mind.


I trust that no one was too upset.

What a shock that must have been!