Naked On The Terrace

So I had come in from hanging out at my complex's shared pool. I dropped my trunks on the floor. I was running late for an appointment, but needed to water the hanging planters on my terrace. It was around 11:30 am and I new my neighbors would be at work. No big deal. Right? I just get out there and I hear a guy call my name has he is laughing. My neighbor had come home for lunch and was just below me looking up at my junk. My heart was racing a little. I said," Oh, Sorry. I just have to water these plants before I jump in the shower."  I didn't cover myself. In fact, I think I may have jiggled it around to make it bigger. I kept watering and said besides I'm sure you have seen one before. He said I've seen lots and laughed and continued repeating my name as he walked up the stairs to his place. Today was the first time I've been caught by a neighbor. I've been out there many a time naked and most definitely will be many more. 
rickyblue rickyblue
41-45, M
Jul 19, 2010