Swim Park

To begin, I am not a big person most off my close are to loose. so of course so is my swim trunks. So the idea was me and a group of freind went to the local swim park on a very hot day so a lot of people had the same idea, Plus they will close down soon so we should before they do close for the season

Anyway as you probaly have geussed already I went down a slide head first why i did this I dont know but as I hit the water my trucks filled with air my straps or strings gave way and off they came, I didnt notice till I came to the surface but by the time I did some one grabed my trucks or had to I could not find them anywere

I spent a little time in the water to hide myself but by the time I decided to get out and run to the changeing/ shower house my freinds knew and of course started makeing fun of me laughing and carried on

I got out cupping my private of course then started to run. well The rules for any swiming pool is not to run well I got 5 feet and sliped on the concretee and as i went down my hands went to catch me and my privates exposed to everybody and there moms it was embarasing but yet exlirating at the same time

I was cought naked many times before by friends most have seen me naked and girl friends I even forced to streak a camp before (the story is in here allso) but this time in front of more people and in that way was just a little bit more embaracing
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i had a similar thing happen to me at a pool slide, this one was a tube and as i went to go down head first the attendent at the top tried to stop me, i still went down the tube head first, but she was left holding my now torn trunks at the top, i landed at the bottom naked, it was great fun having to walk all the way back to the changing room fully exposed.

i been in that situation before