I have a female friend that comes over to my house to cut my hair. One day she was to come over to cut my hair and usually calls before she comes over. I had been cleaning all day and then took a shower and then walked around the house naked for a few minutes. She was suppose to be there at 4:30 and it was 5:00 so I figured she was going to be late since she did not call. I was still hot from the shower and cleaning so I went outside still naked, to the shed to get a cooler I needed for a trip. As I was in the shed I heard a car door slam, so I looked out and saw her car in the driveway. I waited for a few minutes and saw her going back to her car, so I ran to the house so she did not see me. By the time I got back to the deck of the house she had walked back to the front door and called me. I had my phone in case she called while I was in the shed so I could get back in time before she arrived. I was standing on the back part of the deck and my phone rang, she walked around to the back and caught me standing there naked. She just stared and smiled and said I am sorry I did not call first.
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Cheery thought.

And if you got excited, you could get your circumcision for free! Snip snip!

Being nude while getting a haircut from a nude stylist would be pleasant.

Me too... you could have at least asked... LOL! Maybe she would have ******** too!

Just leave us all hanging...What happened next??

Not a dang thing! I put shorts on and she cut my hair. She is coming over this week to cut my hair again.

Did she cut your hair while you stayed naked?