Friend's Dad Saw Me Naked!

Last summer,  I was at my friend's house and we were showering after using the pool. My friend was using her own bathroom and I was using the one down the hall. She had said there were towels in the bathroom closet, but of course after I finish showering there aren't any. So, since nobody but us had been home all day, I decided to make a dash from the bathroom to my friend's room...naked.

I get to her door but she had locked it. So there i am standing there knocking when I hear behind me a surprised "oh hey...cute butt!". Not thinking I turn around and their is my friend's dad! I quickly cover up with my hands as best I could. Then he says the towels are in the hall closet. Realizing thats what my friend must have meant to tell me, quickly I step over to the closet and grab a towel. As I am covering up, my friends dad starts walking away and says hes all for the nudist movement but he would rather keep the house G rated. I was soo embarrassed!!!
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4 Responses Dec 8, 2010

you must have been mortified, but afterward, did it excite you?

That's very embarrassing, but not for him, who seemed to enjoy the show.

i would love to meet your friend's dad and maybe set up that scenario

What a humorous story! Thanks for sharing it.