Caught By Wife's Friend

Several years ago, when my wife was pregnant with our first child, one of her friends had come for a weekend visit. During all of her pregnancies, my wife's sex drive was like a roller coaster: some days she wanted non-stop sex, while others were like "don't even think about it days." I, on the other hand, have always had a sex drive like a freight train rolling down a mountain.

It so happened that the weekend when her friend visited was one of the "don't even think about it" times. To make matters worse, her friend had a cute little body that she would show off by wearing shorts and tight tops. Finally, on Saturday afternoon, I was getting a bad case of blue balls and knew I had to take care of business. I told my wife of my situation, but she brushed it off and said that was my problem.

The hallway in the apartment dead-ended into our bedroom and the master bathroom was off to the right. I had gone back into the bathroom, ******** off my clothes and sat on the toilet lid to take care of matters. There I was in my birthday suit with **** in hand, when in walks her friend. She seemed stunned at first, but then smiled, mumbled "sorry," turned around and left the room. I was totally shocked and never expected anyone other than my wife to walk into our bedroom unannounced, but at the same time, turned on knowing that I had been seen ******* off by one of my wife's friends. To this day, I have no idea why her friend was back there as there was nothing at the end of the hall other than the master bedroom.

I immediately told my wife what had happened in case she was going to hear about it from her friend. Of course, she could not believe I was back in our bathroom with the door open, but I explained that I never thought her friend would simply walk into our bedroom like that.

The rest of the weekend, her friend had a really difficult time making eye contact with me and I was beginning to think the whole episode had really embarrased her. After she left, my wife told me the two of them had talked about it when I was not around. She said she explained my predicament and that her friend approved of my equipment and congratulated her on marrying well.
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And hows the freight train going now still chugging away ?