Nude+cleaning Lady= Disaster

I went on vacation one year to mexico. i went with a few of my girlfriends we were having a great time we went out to bars and went to the beach. well one day we all went to the beach we stayed there for a couple of hours tanning. after my friends decided they wanted to go into to town to do some shopping i said no i am going to stay because i was really sandy and just wanted to take a shower so i went back to the room and got into the shower. when i finished showering i got out and since i was by myself i decided to air dry since their was no one their. i was sitting watching TV naked and i felt really adventurous/horny so i got up and walked over to the balcony i opened the curtains just a little bit to see of anyone was on the balcony next door. i didn't see anyone. so with a deep breathe i opened to door and walked out onto the balcony nude i stayed under shadow of the above balcony to not draw attention to myself i didn't stay out there long, but it was long enough for one of the cleaning ladies to come into my room and since i was on the balcony i didn't hear anything now i am not a bad looking person i have 36 D breasts and i stay in shape so me being naked was nothing for me to be embarrassed. i walked in from the balcony and into the bedroom part and i was like a deer in head lights i could move not even to cover myself up i just stood their scared out of my mind. i couldn't even speak. the lady came up to me and said don't worry i have the same parts as you do it is nothing to be embarrassed about. i still couldn't do a thing i was frozen. i felt like i was about to faint but what happened next would keep me up for days. the lady could still see that i was in shock so she walked over to the door closed it and turned and faced me and said here now we both will be embarrassed and she undid her uniform and let it hit the ground then took off her bra and panties. she wasn't bad to look at either she had D breasts and tan skin and long brown hair i was kind of getting turned on. i guess that it was jolted me back to life because i just covered my eyes and said could you please put your clothes back on even though i was standing their nude. she said their is nothing to be ashamed about as she put her uniform on. i quickly grabbed the blanket off the bed and covered my naked body. i asked her to please keep this discreet she nodded and said don't worry about it but before she left she took her bra and panties and said here you need them more than i do and she left. when my friends came back i said absolutely nothing to them. the next day i came back to the room to get my purse and the cleaning lady was in my room making the bed completely naked she had taken her clothes off at the door and was just naked i walked in and kind of yelled a little and she turned around and said good its you i was afraid one of your friends would catch me. i shut the door and said look you can't do this what happened yesterday was an accident she said i don't think so i think you wanted to get caught i looked at her like she had three eyes and she is still nude this entire time i said that's it get out and don't do this again. she looked at me and said i will never do this again if you do something for me i said what do you want money. she said no i want you to get naked right here right now and i want you to let me touch your breasts i said no way. she said fine then i will tell your friends and everyone in this entire hotel that you paid me to get naked in front of you. i had no choice i couldn't let anyone know anything about what happened. so i locked the door and took off all my clothes the cleaning lady walked over and grabbed hold of my breasts i only let her touch them for not even ten seconds. pulled her hands away and said their happy she said not yet she opened the door and threw me outside into the hotel hall completely nude i was banging on the door screaming let me in let me in. and did i mention that our room was right next to the elevators. i heard the ding and a very charming older couple walked out and they almost died the woman said have you no shame and the man just starred at me as they rushed by. i couldn't go anywhere if i left then she would leave and i would never be able to get her back so i grabbed a plant and held it in front of me. finally after 10 minutes of me banging on the door she let me back in. i acted really cool though i walked in and said ha ha nice joke. i gave her the once over and noticed that she had put her uniform back on but it was still open so i could see that she had nothing on under neath. so i slowly walked up to her and grabbed her uniform and ripped it off her body and tossed her into the hall and locked the door i quickly went to the phone and called the hotel manager and when he came up he saw in the hall completely nude i opened my door and the best i could said sir i came up here and she was in my room naked i threw her into hall and i said i was going to form a complaint and get this whole place shut down unless he fired the cleaning lady right here right now. needless to say she needed the bra and panties because she was not going to be able to buy any new ones soon.
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Wow and I thought my experience was bad!

That story sounds too good to be true. It would be a dream for me, though. I love the times that the cleaning lady at a hotel has walked in on me while I am nude. Usually they apologize profusely as they scamper away (lame). I would totally love it if the cleaning lady would stay in the room and shut the door. It would be awesome if she took it even further, like the woman in your story, and took off all of her clothes inside of my room.

Lol what a fun story

I did not think you gave 'the cleaning lady' ample opportunity to show you what she could do........ I think the story - however truthful, however incredulous! - would be more suited to the audience if you would loosen-up and let your writing flow!


I actually had a maid do that to me once also. It was in Mexico City. Funny thing is it is the same story as yours except when I threw her out the door, I threw her clothes over the balcony and called the front desk. Oh yeah instead of grabbing a boob, she grabbed my crotch.<br />
<br />
That is just so weird!

Sounds far off. A pretty implausible reaction from a maid.