Lost Bathing Suit And Embarrassed Another

one day i was at my cottage and it was such a hot day. normally i would crank the AC and take off all my clothes and that would be that, but today that wouldn't cut it. So i grabbed a bathing suit and went down to water now where my actual cottage is no one could see you it is so secluded that you could do anything and no one would see you, but when you get to the water everyone can see. so i put my suit on outside since no one would see me and i left my clothes inside and i walked down to the water. and off my dock their is a diving board so i walked up to it and took a quick hop and dove straight into the lake the water felt so good on skin i just stayed in one spot in the water because it felt so good i after a few minutes i decided i wanted to get out and dive back in so i was climbing out and as i got out felt kind of free so i looked down and saw nothing my bikini top was gone and my bottoms were gone to i looked frantically in the water but i couldn't see them then i looked up my neighbours were all out on their dock and they had three little boys so they were loving the show. all i could do was jump back into the water on the other side of the dock. i stayed their for what felt like days trying to figure out how to get back to my cottage because the walk back people could still see me. so once in a while i would peer over and see if they were looking and they always were even when i wasn't naked all the men would just stare at me when i was tanning on the dock. so after about 20 minutes i just said screw it i jumped out of the water and ran up to my cottage and as i was running i could here my neighbours wife yelling at me. i finally reached my cottage i could take a breathe. i got to the door to my cottage and it was locked and i left my clothes and towel and everything inside. so i stood their for a few minutes contemplating to ask the neighbours for help or break into my own cottage. i decided to break in i figured their would be a unlocked window if i got up high enough so i climbed into the tree to try and reach the window little did i know that my woman neighbour was coming over to give me a piece of her mind i was just about to open the window when all i heard was a crack and the branch i was on broke clean off. luckily i got caught on clothes line and it trapped my feet and i was just hanging upside down completely nude trying to free myself when i saw her coming up the walkway. she didn't even noticed that i was hanging naked she just started yelling. after she was done she said what the hell are you doing get inside your house and be naked not in front of boys. i said i can't the door is locked at this point i didn't even care i was so embarrassed nothing that i could do or someone one else could would even make me care a little bit. she walked over to my door and twisted to handle and opened the door and said what are you an idiot. she helped me down off the clothes line and started yelling again at this point i couldn't even take i said you know why your mad because your jealous and i shook my breasts right in her face and then i regretted this i said i bet your really ugly naked and she was wearing a simple flower dress with nothing underneath. i ripped it open and said see you are such an ugly person and i turned and went into my cottage she was so stunned that she just turned and left she didn't even cover herself up i can only imagine what her husband would have said when he saw her. but she never said a word if i swam naked and i did all the time if i was alone at the cottage and if i saw her on her dock i would take off my bikini facing her just so she could see.
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Those boys would have had the happy feeling in their pants for long after that!

great story. Hope you had more like this!

good for you. I hope every time naked outdoors feels like the first time, just to spite your neighbor.

The horrible grammar burns my f*cking eyes. Did you just move in to the country 3 months ago or something?! For ****'s sake. -.-


U *****

nice story...

Agree. Inappropriate response by the other woman.