Jacuzzi Nudity

one time i went to my friends apartment he lives in a great place pool jacuzzi gym everything. after a while we were starting to get board so my friend suggested that we play truth or dare. i said sure i loved the game. after a we did the easy stuff like who was your first crush and all that ****. i dropped a bomb on my friend i dared her to take off all of her clothes put a towel on and go down to the jacuzzi sit their for 10 whole minutes. she said she would only do it if i did it also since i couldn't care less i said sure. now to make it fair we both had to undress in front of each other because either one of us could put something on under the towel so we took off all of our clothes and grabbed towels and off we went we got into the elevator and down to the pool room with no one seeing us and when we got to the pool area there wasn't anyone their. so we went in got to threw the door and said ok now we have to drop our towels here and walk naked the rest of the way i said on the count of three 1.. 2..3 and down they went. we were both their completely naked. we did like a quick assurance check and we went to the jacuzzi we turned of the jets and our ten minutes had begun. we counted the seconds until we could get out and cover up so we wouldn't be seen naked at the seven minute mark we heard the door to the men's locker room close and we looked and their was a 30 something year old guy standing their and it looked like he was about to do laps because he had the googles on already. me and my friend were in shock what could we do but pray that he would come into the hot tub. he didn't thank god he started to do his laps and payed no attention to us we both tried not to watch him but we both wanted to make sure that he didn't see us. we thought we could wait this guy out until the jets turned off so the water settled and you could see everything and the jacuzzi was at the same height as the pool so if he got out or stood up in the shallow end he would see everything. we both knew that we couldn't stay there any longer because the jets never came back on because the button was on the wall. so we waited until he started a knew lap and we made our a mad dash towards the door we went as fast as we could without slipping, but in all the madness we forgot to get our towels we just ran out of the pool room and we knew we couldn't go back in so we ran to the elevators stark naked and prayed no one would be on it. and thank god no one was. we got in and hit the button to close the doors we hit floor number 14 and hoped that no one wanted the elevator before her floor. thank god 14 floors up and no stops so no one saw us nude. when we got to my friends floor the door's opened and we ready to make a mad dash as soon as we got out of the elevator my friends neighbour Mr. Larenfeld was waiting for the elevator and he got quite a show he saw four boobs in 10 seconds because we ran passed him and all he got was a blur. finally we reached the apartment and put our clothes on. i sat on the remote and turned on the TV and saw the front door camera and i turned to my friend and said their are cameras on every floor aren't their and all she did was shake her head. after that she had to find a new place to live.
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8 Responses Dec 24, 2010

Lucky man!

to bad cameras are always watching, the fun is getting caught naked by accident. still sounds like fun though

Sounds like my kind of fun too!

Great story, loved it, sounds like a lot of fun to me!

Hana I love streaking and jacuzzis were built to be naked in! ;)

That is an awesome story. Naked dares are the best!

Cute story! Loved it.

Making love in the elevator between floors......what are you a 5 second wonder man?