Outdoor Shower

A few years ago, my wife and I were traveling and had stop to visit a divorced friend of hers, who had a lake house. There was an outdoor shower on the side of the house and during the hot summer months, she would generally use to the outdoor shower to keep the moisture problems down inside the bathroom.
The shower was attached to the side of the house and was enclosed by a 5 foot high wooden fence on three sides and open on the side that faced the back side of the house. The first time I went to shower I thought it was pretty cool to be showering in the great outdoors, especially when my wife joined me. We had soaped each other up and played around for a few minutes, but she refused to **** out there as she was afraid her friend might hear us or wonder why the shower was running for so long.
The second day we were there, she and I had wrapped towels around us and headed for the shower. After we had been there a few minutes getting cleaned up, her friend appeared around the corner of the house also wrapped in a towel. I figured she was simply waiting for us to finish so she could get in, but she kept coming towards the shower and went around to the open side. Apparently my wife and our hostess had discussed this little ploy as my wife acted as if she was not even there. As I was keeping an eye on the friend, she suddenly whipped off the towel and stepped into the shower. My wife saw my apprehension and told me, "It's okay, Melissa has been divorced for awhile and hadn't even seen a guy naked for a few years. She needs a little attention."
WIth that that Melissa started washing my back and worked her way down to my butt. She asked me to turn around and as I did, my erect **** was staring at her. I was a little embarrassed to have a hard on in front of my wife and her friend, but Mel went on with her business as she began washing my front side and fondling my **** and balls. My wife told her to go ahead and take care of my problem, so she grabbed the soap and got her hands slippery before fondling my balls and stroking my **** for all she was worth. My wife continued her shower behind us as if nothing was going on at all. I was fingering the divorcee as she was stroking me and it did not take long before I shot a nice white stream of **** on her lower stomach. Almost as soon as I had ***, my wife motioned that we should finish up and get out of the shower, which we did leaving the naked Melissa to herself.
This time we did not bother wrapping the towels around us, we just streaked around to the front door and into the house, leaving a trail of water as we went. Well, my wife literally pulled me into our room and laid me on my back before she was working to get me hard again. It didn't take long before she had mounted me and was grinding her **** and ***** hard against me. We both came in a breathless moment and lay there savoring the feeling of each others bodies.
An hour or so later, we emerged from the room and headed down to the lake to swim and sunbathe. The next day we packed up and continued on our trip. To this day, we have never spoken of that little episode in the shower, nor have we seen Melissa either.
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I don't think the two women have been sexual with each other. At least not that I have witnessed or heard about.

My wife has her moments on both sides of the fence. Sometimes she seems like a Puritan and then at other times she totally shocks me. When I first met her, she told me she had been wild in her younger days, but claimed she had calmed down. I think it has to do with her hormones and how they affect her sex drive. I tell my friends her sex driveseems to be like the surf in the ocean. Sometimes it is raging and it is time to ride the waves and other times there is no wave action and no activity.

Where on earth do you lucky people find such flexible wives. My ex was as stiff as a brick. She didn't go for anything that was "beneath her standards"; she was so rigid and it is no wonder we are divorced.<br />
Your story made me wish I had been there.

It was damn hot and so unexpected.

I'd like my wife had a friend like Melissa.