Treat For The Kids...

When I was 17 I was babysitting for two boys aged 14 and 12 and we decided we'd go swimming at the local pool. We decided to change into our suits before we went so I went into the bathroom while they changed in their rooms. When I'd taken off all my clothes I realised I'd left my suit in my bag in the parents bedroom; I thought I'd heard the kids go downstairs so decided to just nip across the hall and get it. No sooner had I reached the bedroom door when it opened and there were the guys just standing there with their mouths open. I must have stood there in shock for a good 10 seconds, giving them a good look at my C cups and neatly trimmed bush, before I squealed and ran back to the bathroom. I asked the kids to get my suit and pass it through the door to me and we never spoke about the incident but I was self concious the whole time I was in my swimsuit and the boys didn't take their eyes off me and had noticeable bulges in their shorts.

This humiliating episode of my life taught me two things. 1, never make assumptions and 2, being seen naked by guys, whatever their age, is a great source of inspiration when you're playing with yourself at night. ;)
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Hilarious. ;-)

When I was 11 we had a teenage babysitter (16 or so) who would take showers at our place and wear a towel afterward as she checked on us in the TV room. More than once that towel slipped off giving my two younger brothers and I a clear view of her boobs and bush. She'd act surprised but took her time putting the towel back on. It was a year or so later that I finally figured she was doing it on purpose. lol

What's the link of

Something similar happened to me, but I take the role of the boy catching my babysitter naked. That's definitely a memory I still use to jerkoff with, and it will be the same for these boys.

Thank you for sharing!

lucky kids, and look how good it made you feel.

I take that you look good in the nude. Is that a bad thing?

Having been caught myself at that age by young boys I was babysitting, I learned that the humiliation also completely undermined all previous senses of authority I had exuded over them.

I like your comment about a source of inspiration and allowing yourself some self pleasuring. :-)

Great story. I am sure the boys haven't forgotten about it too.

I love your conclusions from this story. The way you worded it was amusing and the whole event was well written.<br />
<br />
I imagine, though, if you were so aware of their bulges, you must have done a bit of looking yourself. Dirty girl.