The Neighborhood Party

I had written in an previous story about two sisters getting a free Full Monty view when I answered the door wearing only a towel when I was 13. After that event, the girls, especially the one that was my age, would constantly remind me about having seen my ****. This went on for a few months until our annual neighborhood party. We lived on a street with a cul-de-sac on the end and everyone would gather with grills and coolers in the circle for the party.
This year, things had started off normally enough as the kids were running around playing kick-ball and the parents sat in their lawn chairs while the burgers and dogs were cooking. Finally the food was ready and we all gathered back in the circle to eat. After dinner the younger kids were getting their games re-started.
There were about seven of us kids that were all very close in age, mostly 13 and 14,  and we had drifted away from the younger kids and formed our own group. One girl indicated we should all go up to the big rope swing that was in her backyard and we all quickly agreed as we wanted to have a little more space from the parents and the younger kids. She informed her parents of where we were headed and we all took off for the rope swing.
As soon as we got to the swing, the girl I had shown my **** to a few months earlier, annouced to the group of 4 girls and 3 boys (including me) that she had seen my **** a few months earlier when she had been collecting for her church. I was immediately horrified and deeply embarrassed to have this announcement made with me present in front of all the other kids. Well, thankfully, one of the other guy's male bravado shifted the focus away from me as he boasted that she really needed to see his ****, because it was probably bigger than mine. You could tell this announcement got everyone somewhat arroused as there suddenly seemed to be a lot of nervous energy in the air.
It did not take long for the old game of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours got started" and soon the guys were all challenging the girls to show us their ******* while they dared the guys to show their *****. The girl who lived in the house where the swing was said we could go into her house, which had a large partially finished basement to finish the discussion and we all agreed. As we headed down the hill toward the house, I noticed that my heart was once again pounding loudly like it had been the day I showed my stuff to the two neighbors.
We reached the back of the  house and went into a room in the basement that had a sofa and a few chairs in it. It was on the front side of the house and we could see the younger kids still playing in the street throught the windows. Thankfully, there were curtains that we pulled closed to avoid being seen from the outside.
As soon as we all got in and took care of the curtains, the girls seemed a little hesitant, as if they had lost all their bluster on the walk from the swing. The one guy who claimed to be "Mr. Big ****" dared the girls to take everything off and show us what they had. The girls in turn said they would if the boys went first. After a few mintues of gridlock, it was decided everyone would face the wall while taking off all of their clothes. The clothes had to be taken all the way off and left on the floor. Then on the count of three we would all turn around and face each other.
The girls turned and faced one wall and we turned and faced the other and started getting undressed. Once again, my heart felt like a sledge hammer in my chest as I pulled my t-shirt over my head and then undid my belt and pulled my shorts and tightie whities down to my feet. I kicked off my sneakers and stepped out of the clothes around my ankes and felt my **** rising from the anticipation.
One of the guys said, "Okay, is everyone naked?" A chorus of yes rang out and he said on the count of three, everyone must turn around and face each other. He counted slowly, not sure if anyone was going to chicken out or not knowing just what might happen. Finally he got to three and I could not believe what was happening as I slowly turned around.
My **** was at attention as I turned and I could see the other guys were naked and turning around too. Once I got all the way around, there were four naked girls standing across the room with their small budding breasts and their slightly hairy *******. No one giggled this time as we all stood quietly and checked each other out. I am not sure how long we stood there, but finally the guy who thought he was so well endowed dared the group to touch each other's private parts. He said to pair off with the person in front of you and stated that the guys had to finger the girls boobs and ******* while the girls had to fondle the guys **** and balls. Being that there was one extra girl, he volunteered to deal with two of them. What a guy...
I saw the girl across from me was the one who lived in the house where we were. Her name was Lynn and she had that determined look in her eye that told me there was no turning back as we slowly stepped toward each other. Once we got up to each other, she gingerly reached out to touch my throbbing ****. At the same time, I was reaching out to feel her budding breasts that actually seemed to be as much nipple as breast at that stage, but still enough to get a hand full. I tweaked her left nipple a little and she said that felt good. She meanwhile had a good grip on my aching hard-on and had begun gently stroking it back and forth. I told her that was nice and not to stop as her other hand began exploring and fondling my balls.
I found the lips of her ***** and noticed there was some moisture there as I worked my fingers around feeling the first female in my young life. I had just slid a finger into her young, wet hole when we heard some noises upstairs. I looked at her and she suddenly had a look of horror on her face and blurted, "someone is home upstairs, we have to get out of here." With that being said, we released each other's private parts and scrambled back to our respective sides of the room while trying to get to our clothes so we could quickly put them back on.
Just as I found my shorts and shirt, we all heard the upstairs door open and her Mom saying, "Lynn are all you kids down there? You need to get back out to the party right this minute." We were all scared to death that she might descend the stairs and find all seven of us bare *** naked in her basement, but Lynn managed to reply fairly calmly, "Okay Mom. We just came in to listen to some records. We need to pick them all up and we will be back outside in a second." Thankfully, her Mom accepted that answer, closed the door and did not come down the stairs. We got dressed quickly and trooped back out the door and around the house back toward the street.
It was hard to keep a straight face through the rest of the neighborhood party, but we all made it through. I remember watching Lynn at the party with her clothes on and gleefully knowing that I had just seen and touched what was underneath. As a group, we never really spoke of the party much after that day and then some of the participants families moved away a few months later.
As with most kid's games like this, it was partly innocent exploration of the opposite sex and obviously highly arousing too. I had no sisters, so I was truely seeing "live and in person" ******* for the very first time. Being able to touch breasts and a ***** was literally a dream come true for a horny 13-year-old. The memories of that little basement gathering carried me through many lonely times during my early teen years and I would have to say they were the basis of many a ************ session at that age.
Looking back, I realize how quickly our emotions turned from highly sexually excited one second to sheer terror the next as we feared being discovered. I guess the fear of being caught actually added to the excitement in a strange way. I can only imagine what would have happened if our little mini-**** had been discovered.
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Looking back on it today still brings back a very strong memory of the fear that her Mom might actually come down those steps to check on us. I know I would have been in big trouble with my parents had we gotten caught, mostly due to the embarrassment I would have brought the family in the neighborhood, etc. etc. Yes, it was a huge adrenalin rush at the time, but really scary for a moment too.

I wonder what might have happened if we were left to our own devices as well. Back at the time this occurred, I guess it is very possible some of the pairs might have wandered off into other parts of the ba<x>sement for some private exporation that culminated in intercourse, but this happend back in the very early 70's, which to me seems like a much more innocent time than what 13-year-olds experience in this day and age.