My Brother And His Friends Caught Me

I was home at my parents house laying out by the pool. I was 17 at the time and my brother was 21. Our yard is completely enclosed with an 8 foot privacy fence so have complete privacy My parents were out of town and my brother was supposed to have gone on a fishing trip with 4 of his buddies from school. Feeling alone I was nude sunbathing out by our pool trying to get an even tan all over my body. I was half asleep when I heard something that woke me up. I opened my eyes and there was my brother and his four friends all standing there staring at me! I was laying on my back and to get my inner thighs more sun my legs were slightly apart. I was sooo embarrassed! I had no idea how long they had been standing there staring at me. I grabbed a towel and ran inside. I had a hard time looking at any of them for a long time. I had to admit I feel a bit hot thinking about that now. Four older guys staring at my naked body. I get wet thinking about that now
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did you ever hook up with any of them?

There was actually "5" older guys looking at you naked. Don't forget your brother.....

They probably had to relieve their pent up frustration with the image of your naked body etched in their mind too

love the way that affects you to look back on it!

As of 1/21/14, this story has had over 15,000 views! That's amazing, martytice. You should consider becoming an author.

Your getting wet just may be nothing compared to what happened to those boys and what happens to them every time they think about you.

It probably still makes them horny thinking about it to this day.

Was getting caught naked a turn on for you It would have been for me

I'm so turned on!

I enjoyed the story as the same happened to me. I am a male and was caught by my sister and two of her friends. We ended up skinny dipping together.

Some of the other three should have asked you out, they would owe you dinner at least!

Really hot! Did you ever find out how long they had been standing there? That seems to me to be the most embarrassing part about this story - falling asleep, not knowing.

Awesome thats so hot

Say, 4 older guys were staring at your beautiful naked body ! thanks for sharing

Wish I we're. There. Sorry u were embarrassed though

I hope you got good and wet when you wrote this...LOL

15 years does make a difference! I think we are more at ease with ourselves and can enjoy the irony of the situation.

you much of been very hot about it and sexy i understand what went thru my wife went thru the
same thing sunbathing nude

Wow! That had to be humilating aswell,You think you meant you were lying by the pool not laying.

Feels nice to be appreciated...doesn't it. It boosts your ego in ways that I can't explain. Sometimes when I go running, I like the looks I get from the ladies as my pec muscles bounce...or when I come out of the water from lap swimming at the beach my and my muscles are all pumped from the swim. Yeah...I'm married...but it's still nice to feel sexy! I can understand why you'd feel the way you do now.

A similar thing happened to my (then) girlfriend <br />
She was 19 at the time and had surprised me when her 16 year old brother was visiting us by being casually naked in front of him. She said that is how it had always been and I got used to it.<br />
However one day she was nude sunbathing in the garden and saw her brother coming into the garden and remained as she was naked and face up. She had not spotted her brother's friend s who was walking behind him and consequently he got a naked full frontal of her<br />
She gave her bro sh!t but he thought it was funny

Im sure you have nudydude!<br />
<br />
THanks HStoner. Wish you could come by and see me sometime! ;)

Perhaps not shocking, but quite lovely I expect.

you are shocked nudydude? Somehow I don't believe that you are! Im sure you have seen a lot more to be shocked about than a naked 17 yo sunning herself! lol

Yes i have been to a nude beach swl2jo. I really enjoy all the attention I get from both guys and girls. I know what you mean about it being an opportunity to be naked and not worry about getting in trouble but there is something about showing off in public. Wearing revealing clothing in public where you know you could get in trouble makes me feel that much more naughty! And i love being naughty!

Have you ever been to a nude beach? Its a great place to see and be seen without the fear of getting in trouble.

You heard right we are not a visual as men. That is not to say we don't enjoy looking at a good looking guy or even enjoy looking at a naked male when we are in the right mood. It all depends in the situation. We are not necessarily stimulated just seeing a naked man in at any random inappropriate time. I believe men on the other hand can get instantly horny seeing a naked female no matter where it is or no matter what time of day it is. For females we have to be in the mood first. And of course everyone is different. As far as the girls all staring and laughing at you. Maybe one or two did enjoy seeing you but most were probably reacting just because it was unusual and non typical sight. It does not mean they were turned on. But with that being said I would have to say that I do enjoy seeing naked men almost all of the time just because I am thinking about sex a lot so I am in the mood. Hope that answers your question slingshot21!

Glad you found a willing and eager woman that enjoys your exhibitionistic behavior TommyFields! I know the feeling is great having all that attention. As far as coming to terms with my feelings about nudity well I think I have lately. hehe. have you read any more of my more recent stories? I think you might enjoy them!

Im hoping and dreaming too!

One can only dream....

I hope you don't catch me rubbing suntan oil over my body! Sometimes I get so hot doing that. I sure would be embarrassed if you caught me!

You weren't thinking of spying on me were you cubsbacker? there u are being naughty again!

welcome cubsbacker. I sure am looking forward to a lot of time in my backyard this summer! I sure love that allover tan and Im hoping to have a few unexpected visitors as well ;)

Makovail - are you sure it was an accident? lol. Whenever I am naked I would never walk out without knowing who it was. But at the same time I am not saying I wouldn't pretend it was an accident !

nytro44 - yes the privacy screen was expensive but it was worth it. I have the whole run of the yard now! Cant wait until summer!

wangotango5 - yes it is odd how that works out. I just had a very embarrassing episode at the gym I go to "At the gym part 3" but now when I think about it I really get hot. Not sure I would do anything different now if it happened again but I sure do get hot thinking about it!

I wish I had a yard to sunbathe in. Until then, I will just go to the 'nude' beach in town, which is not a bad thing. Lucky you and more power to you.

thanks dano. Sometimes I wish my brother had not been one of the guys. It might have been a litle more fun! lol

just want to enjoy laying in the sun in my yard!

lol yes maybe but that was several years ago. Last summer I had a tall privacy fence installed around my whole backyard except for the back gate. I want to add a windbreak/ trellis between my deck and the gate since as it is now anyone on the deck can be seen through the gate to anyone on the front walk. After that I will start suntanning again in my own yard. Then who know.. depending on who might enter my yard. hmmmmm

hammerhead - lol i sure he was hoping that would happen! A few of them were pretty cute but remember my brother was there! I would die before I would do that in front of my brother! If he hadn't been there who knows! hehe

HStoner - They have stopped me a bit but I'm working on it<br />
Hammer - thanks. My brother has never mentioned it but every time I see one of his friends always comments on ho he loves my tan even in the middle of the winter so its obvious whats on his mind.<br />
Kak - as I said in my story i was 17

I bet they never forgot the sight. How old were you then?

Being nude, particularly with others, can be a lot of fun. I hope that your bad experiences do not deter you from enjoying more pleasant nude experiences.

Not at all Linda. Like I said this first time I was literally caught by surprise so I just reacted by running away. Nobody truly likes to be surprised although I guess if it happened enough it wouldn't be a surprise anymore. Like I answered above if I was laying out naked and was surprised I am not sure what I would do even today. Depends on who it is and what I was thinking or doing at the time. I'm just not used to it yet! Maybe I just need more practice. I have read some of your stories like the one about you answering the door naked. I couldn't imagine doing that. Maybe if I had a husband like you home it would be different. I have just had a few bad experiences that make me afraid of how some might react. But I do love being naked at home (at least topless) and yes I nude sunbath every chance I get and I love it.

thanks for the comments guys! I guess sometimes you have to take your chances! Its worth it just to get an all over tan and to feel the sun on your body. Cheers guys!

I would love to have been there to see you, Nudity is so natural, I truly feel free when Im naked.<br />
Im addicted to it, when I get stressed I do just that, take a long walk clothes free.<br />
Hind sight is always 20/20 thats why we dont get the redos. Oh how I wish I could have

I agree NudyDude

Then why do n't u try it again?

surprised them? I was the one surprised and embarrassed. I was a lot younger then. Not sure if I would do any different today. I really was surprised. Nobody was supposed to be home