Mil Gave Me A Massage.

My MIL is a massage therapist and works for herself. I knew this would be the perfect way to get caught naked by her. So I asked to make an appointment with her. When I got to my appointment she walked me to one of the rooms. She asked if I had any problem areas she should know about. I told her no. She left the room so I could undress and get under the sheet. After I got undressed I got on the massage but before I could get under the sheet Vicky (MIL) walked in. She stood there watching me fumble around and says " you take so long to get ready" I'm sitting up on my knees naked directly in front of her. She watches and waits for me to lay on my stomach. I pull the sheet over my legs and let my butt show. Vicky was very casual about seeing me naked. She acted like it was no big deal seeing me naked. She pulled the sheet up covering my butt then started the massage. Nothing sexual happened. And I would make regular appointments with her. Once a month.
luvickysmell luvickysmell
36-40, M
Feb 4, 2011