Bathing With Girls

One time when I was 12, I was at my friend's house. Their mom came upstairs where we were hanging out and told us that we has to get ready to go to some important event (I forget what it was now). AnyWays, we had to take showers and we were running late, so their mom suggested we all just take a bath together. My two (female) friends (older one was 11 and the younger was about 9) both smiled and told their mom all right. I was turning really red and so sure about the situation.

We go into the bathroom and one of my friends locks the door, so escaping was out of the option. I decided to suck it up and go with it. We argued about who would get naked first, and then the younger girl volunteers to go first as long she could personally undress me. I figured whatever and went with it. She ******** down naked, and approached me. First of all, seeing my friend naked made me get real hard. She removed my shirt by reaching down by my waist and going up from there, making me lift my arms. Nothing real bad yet. She then proceeded to remove my shorts, making sure to run her hand down my erected penis in he way down. And at last she took off my underwear. The older girl took off her clothes and I got a good peek at her budding breasts. We turned on the bath water, and while that was getting ready, we just stood there staring at eachother's naked bodies leaving me completely exposed with a rock hard erection in front of two of my best friends. The water was really hot when we stepped in, and unfortunately my erection didn't go down. One of the girls reached for a sponge and proceeded to wash me. Thinking I might as well enjoy it at this point, I laid on my back, leaning against the side of the bathtub, leaving my legs wide open so they could both get a good view of my penis. One girl bathed me (rubbing extra hard against my ****). When she finished that, her mom called in and told us that the older girl had to get ready first. She left and then the younger girl, seizing the chance, laid her back against my chest while I was laying against the side, her butt against my hard penis, and stroked her hand down my leg. I actually enjoyed the rest of the time that we spent together. (this was not the first time she had seen me naked, she was the same girl from my story at the beach)
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How does one document truth versus fiction? Real experiences can be helpful to learn from. Fiction can lead one to believe in non-reality and unrealistic expectations

Honestly, who should believe that?! You are just some guy with a bad fantasy...

Haha about naked girls, I'm ******* my sister right now and I'm only 12

Cool for you. I can think of a number of girls growing up who I would have loved to take a bath with.

like your stroy

were you in puberty then

you are lucky<br />
<br />
by the way was thier mum wierd or anything? because no one i know does that.

Sounds like all three of you had lots of hot, sexy fun!