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I was getting out of the shower and my son, who is 11, had some friends over, and them thinking I was dressed just walked into my room to say they were going to the other kid's house and in doing so just so happened to see me standing there naked. By the way I'm just sharing a story so please don't try to make this some weird sex and stuff because I'm just sharing.
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I'd like to hear more - add me if you come back.

ha ha. that's great. agreed, lucky kids. but what were all the reactions? did you quickly cover? did they stare and try to see more of you?

My wife and me at times walk around without clothes inside our home, especially on hot summers after dinner. Our children have seen us but we haven't encouraged them to join us since they grew up beyond their puberty. One summer evening I went upstairs for my shower and a leisure lounging in the balcony. I felt a little fizzy to go walking in the nude and stretch out on the lounger and lavishly enjoy the light breeze there . I was only in the hallway. I was just absentminded my sister-in law (wife's elder sister) on her short visit to us was staying with us. Abruptly she entered the hallway. Obviously I was startled. but she coolly smiled telling, wonderful. I never thought you enjoy nudism.." Still in her composed smile she continued, "My sister hasn't told me of this, let me first go and get her too and I think you don't mind we together have an informal good cheer enjoying the cool breeze caressing our skin".

Thanks for sharing, lucky kids lol.

Lucky boys!

Simply sharing is part of what this place is about. Thank you.

... And not making it some "weird sex and stuff" is the other part

Yep. It's cool if he can just think along the lines of, "Okay, that's mom naked" or, "Yeah, that's mom seeing me naked" it means it is okay because it is home, and home is safe and special.

lucky kids, they will probably forget what they saw in a few days. Children don't really care it's the adults that make a big deal out of it.

There is nothing wrong with being seen naked.

no big deal, now if you walk into the living room naked while they were playing xbox, that's different. Just don't force it on the kids friends.

Don't worry is always nice to see a beatiful body naked, regardelss of the age.

Mmm nice.

Oops!<br />
Hilarious!<br />
That'll give 'em something 2 talk about. lol.

I remember my daughter bringing neighbors kids into the bathroom some time back. Not sure why I think they all just wanted to have a look. Five kids about 10 or 11 all standing in the bathroom. It was very wierd

can i come to ur house? lol

When I was about 10 or 11 I stayed the night at a friend's house down the street. I walked up stairs to go to the one and only bathroom in the house. This was the first time I had been in this bathroom at night. I could not find the light switch. His parents bedroom door was open and his parents were in bed. I asked where the light switch was. They looked at each other and said um..<br />
<br />
Next thing I know his ( hot ) mom got out of bed. She was completely naked. she walks down the hall and turns the light on for me. I have to admit I was interested.. but knew nothing would ever happen.<br />
<br />
So yes they will never forget. But it happens.

we had our daughter walk into the kitchen with my wife sitting in my lap. niether one of us had any pants. lol., we thought she went out. Not a wierd sex thing either. just happened. we are both nudists too. but just horny that day lol

Nothing wrong with going naked. I started at a young age and my aunt used to watch. be your sons friend! lol<br />
Hey nude is natural, cloth are not....<br />
As long as it is just an incident don't worry about it.<br />
too funny!

you know , now that you are a hot mom,those kids will never want to go home. Right?