Walking The House Nude

i sometimes like to walk around the house nude. mostly when i just got out of the shower. well i just got out of the shower when a friend texted me and i told her to come over thinking i had more than enough time since she lives 45 min away from me i was walking around nude. i left the door unlocked so she wouldn't have to wait in the cold. i guess she was already driving around and she got here in 15 min she walked in on me naked walking around my house and saw every thing. i was so embarrassed that i ran upstairs and got dressed. i was debating not coming down but i did. she said it was a nice surprise (i think she was trying to not embarrass me even more) and thought i did it on purpose at first but i told her how i like to be nude sometimes and she laughed and went on our semi-awkward day hanging out together.
Snowman8590 Snowman8590
18-21, M
Apr 11, 2011