Exposed Naked For All School Girls In Locker

I was at shcool our school is mixed girls and boys but girls was more so we had sports in our school and we must shower naked and of course girls and boys have their own lockerrooms and showers so one day i went there there werent any boys so i done what i usaually do i thrown my clothes out and gone naked for showr i was alone and i relaxed when i finished i went to the locker and didnt find mmy clothes i looked every where but didnt find them actually there are fu*** boys tooken them i panicked then i rushed out side naked to see fourtently there werent anyone so i dig my way through then cuz i was panicking and afraid i went with wrong to the girls locker!!! then i went inside naked then suddenly i saw a bunsh of girls with towels on there boobs and legs half legs were showing they all screamed they were 10 - 15 then they closed the door and took me inside then told me u must show us what u have or we are going to tell the teacher then they started playing with my **** i was hard rock hard then they tied me to a pipe and started gigling and telling me embarssing queations like do u like to see us naked,why do u where underwear here and all the girls seen me then they untied me then i ran outside and went home naked.
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great story

Wow great awesome story very hot thanks for sharing.

sunlover- I'll bet money he's not living where english is the prominent language.

LOL Funny story, but maybe you should spend a bit more time in English class to learn spelling and grammar (or maybe a typing class)...don't let it keep you from writing, though!