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Sleeping In The Nude Caught!!

ok i love sleeping nude so i have 3 sisters in my house and 2 girl cousins i am a boy 15 years and unfourtanatly all my sisters and cousins are older than me so one day i was sleeping nude and my sister was knowing that so they all came to my bed and throw the covers away the spread my legs all they can to get a clear view then they tied my legs and hands my legs are tied spread far away from each other then they started gigling and playing with my **** then i woke up and saw them they started taking photoes and then one of my sisters told me u must be like that every day then i saw my other sister holding my underwear in her hand and telling me is that what u put on ur willy then one of my cousins told her its a big penis and then they all started examing it then they kept me tied they all enjoyed the view and never untied me till 4:30 hours then they did i was so tied and i slept
johnyman johnyman 13-15, M 3 Responses May 3, 2011

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That's pretty hot!

did they at lest jerk you off or suck you until you came

id like to meet your sisters and cousins.