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Wife's Surprise topless birthday Video Disaster for hubby, and a few hundred others

Well, here goes the story of Lori, the real life embarrassed naked wife!  My video is all over the internet, here is how it happened..  I help run a volunteer group for heart disease at my job, I was in charge of signing people up for our ten mile summer walk.  Been doing this for four years, well not any more!!  The woman at my work Lisa, who did all the communicating quit this year, so now it's my job, and the rest is history.   So, . Last year for my Husbands 40th I let my friend Stacey(and her very gay brother Bill)  know that I  wanted to make a sexy video for my hubby. and send it to him while he was away for work during his birthday.  I have known these two all my life, I worked with Stacey as well.    I have taken nude photos for him over the years, but he was the photographer, he really enjoyed it, Honestly,  I even emailed a few to him, regular cell phone pictures, so I thought I would surprise him with a video, step it up since he had to spend his birthday away.  Do something a little crazy, well crazy for me, even though I was always nervous about doing them.    So her goes your 38 year old, still kind of cute little blonde wife, who is still feeling a bit bad that her bikini had to be retired two years ago!  Oh, and yes a decent size D Cup pair of hooters, that I generally kept well wrapped up!
The first video we shot was lame, we did  in my bra and panties, I felt weird taking my bra off in front of Bill and for some reason this entire thing felt like a bad idea, so I decided to keep my bra on,  did  a little dance and ended it.  I started getting dressed, put my jeans on  and Stacey said that the video was awful after we watched it.  You can't send him that crap !  I had to at least remove my bra, and shake my bare **** around for him.   No one would see it anyway!! so I agreed and for those who have seen the video, I kind of  reluctantly removed my bra, and I am  completely topless !  I felt very embarrassed, the video was awful, so we shot a couple others, which I relaxed a bit, they were a little better.  Well, ten minutes after we were done shooting them, life never been the same since! This turned out to be although very, very funny to everyone,  the most embarrassing thing I could have every imagined has about to happen.  Beyond Embarrassing!  I don't think there is a word in the English language to describe the level of embarrassment I felt the next 48 hours!

To add to the humiliation of everyone I know getting to see me topless, the first video was very poorly done to boot, we were all laughing at it after it was finished, it just made me look like a topless idiot!  It was just plain ridiculous.  That is why we shot the two other videos.  The video I am referring to features me reluctantly removing my bra, which I proudly admit, I look great in a bra or bathing suit!  Clearly my sexiest look, which is another reason I wanted to shoot the video with my bra on.  My boobs are not bad for my age, but I was almost 40, and my boobs were a little saggy compared to my younger days!  About ten seconds into the video, the bra goes up over my head, and there are my bare **** spilling out of my bra with my arms up over my head for the world to see.  World class highlights such as me laying on the bed topless doing nothing but looking embarrassed, with my D cup **** shaking and jiggling all over the place every time I moved around on the bed, not quite as they looked 15 yeadrs ago, before having three kids!   So, the next great highlight includes will hitting his head on the dreaded ceiling fan, almost killing himself, me laying on the bed topless and screaming "Watch your head"! !!!!  Then come the really mortifying and embarrassing special effects like typing "Happy Birthday" under my **** during the entire one minute video.  Oh, the very worst part was the  3 or 4 super close up-zoom shots of my nipples!   Which became for some reason was the most embarrassing part of the very embarrassing video.  Because the stupid ceiling fan was on, I was getting cold, and my nipples got rock-hard towards the end in the video.  They were making jokes and zoomed in like three times on my erect nipples.

So this is where hubby gets the video, click send. This is where complete disaster stuck I was on my computer before they came over to do the video, I had emails open and I forgot.  I had the email for the ten mile walk half typed, I opened a new email and  I could not figure out how to attach the video to the email from my phone, so I let Stacey do it.   Well guess where it gets attached, TO MY 255 MEMBER HEART DISEASE GROUP!!  SUBJECT - JULY TEN MILE WALK.....THE ATTACHMENT   simply reads "LORI'S BIG BIRTHDAY *******"  The other videos and individual photos were also attached, but something was wrong with most of those attachments, people could not open them thank god!!  So,  Stacey, in error I am told managed to send my half written email to my entire 255 member, heart disease/volunteer group I am involved in through work,  in addition to hubby!!!!  This email gets sent that was about a time change for a volunteer event we were holding.  So off the email goes, attached to the e mail is my mortifying topless Video!!  Dozens of co workers!  My Family, neighbors, all the parents of my kids friends EVERYONE I KNOW IS GOING TO SEE ME TOPLESS !  Not to mention the four or five still photos that were attached, they were just as bad.  For years I have seen my co workers looking at my boobs, people at the pool.  Well they were all about to get a really good look, and the girls were getting close to forty and gravity had started taking over a little!  I am a cute, fairly confident women, but for some reason I was a bit self conscious about my ****, they were an A plus with a bra on, and a B minus with it off!  I knew they were getting saggy!   They were about to SEE MY KIND OF SAGGY BIG NAKED **** !!!!!!
I opened up my email the next morning before everyone got up with my coffee like always, only to  discover like  50
 or so e mails in the inbox, when I began reading the captions, I was in utter shock when I saw a pile of emails, my heart started racing.  They read things like "Damn u have nice big **** Lori", "Lori you have big areolas, hard, sexy nipples" .I was freaking out!!!  I was afraid to even open the emails, I am just reading the captions!., Aunt Lori, thanks for the video, oh if you were not aware, we got to see your boobs! (loved reading that!), OH my favorite from my father in law" (he tried to be nice " Dear, I know this seems bad, but people will forget..Oh, I thought they would be bigger..Just kidding!"  MANY SAID THAT!   That was the first email I read, then I started reading all of them, Hubby's was buried in there, He did not notice all the others copied on it, He liked it though.. ,...I never felt panic like this, EVER. This did not just happen!  i sat there for close to a half hour with my heart pounding frozen in pure embarrassment and panic.  How do I even begin to explain this to work, my neighbors!!  What is pathetic, , It took me that long to totally access the magnitude of just how awful this was.. There is no way I can undo this. HOLY ****, I JUST EMAILED A VIDEO OF MY BARE **** TO EVERYONE I KNOW!

I started the horrifying process of reading the rest of the replies, more were coming in as people woke up, I looked so shocked when my kids got up and did not wanted to say what occurred, my oldest asked me why my face was so red, andI just lied and said I was sick. They left, I sat back down and realized just how bad this was, everyone now has seen me topless, and has a video of me half naked to keep forever.  What do you say to the guy who has sat in the cubicle next o you for the past seven years, who now is the proud owner of a one minute video of  his boss' bare **** jiggling around for sixty seconds with "Happy Birthday" typed underneath!  With those extra embarrassing close up shots of my hard/erect nipples. For some reason the close ups of my nipples embarrassed me a lot.It just seems like once everyone gets a super close shot of your nipples, you are now really naked, it's official! !  I have attached many of the jokes at my expense that turned me bright red for the first year or so. So, I have spent the past three years extremely embarrassed though it gets better in time.  I grew up watching those stupid eighties movies where at the end the prom queen ends up somehow standing naked while everyone in the school, laughs, points and whistles and her big jiggling naked ****!  Well, that is me Lori, I lost my top in front of the entire world!  You can find my video all over the internet..  And yes, below you will find the many birthday cards with my bare **** on it that have circulated between my co workers, my neighbors and hubby's friends.  So guys & gals, enjoy some of the many beyond embarrassing birthday cards and jokes featuring me saying "Happy Birthday" to my friends & family, while topless!

Below is a supposed photo of my Brother in law's basement TV!  Yes, I emailed him the video, and My own cousin supplied me with this!  When the guys come over to play cards, HE LEAVES MY BOOBS UP ON HIS TV THE ENTIRE TIME TO DISTRACT THE OTHER PlayerS! 

Eventually, I did not think this could get more embarrassing,  the VERY WORST which I saved for last, a few months after the video went out, one of my neighbor's who worked in IT, figured out how to recover the damaged other attachments, including the third video where I got completely naked for a quick second!  And the other photos, YES COMPLETELY NAKED PHOTOS! My hubby laughed at this entire thing, when it was just mostly my co workers,  until THIS ! all remaining neighbors, his buddies, his brothers saw me in all my glory. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD REGRET MY #1 SOCCER MOM BUMPER STICKER ON MY CAR THIS MUCH! The invite to my neighbor's party, featuring the final huge embarrassing joke, yep,  ME, LORI COMPLETLEY NAKED ON THE BIRTHDAY INVITE!
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Every time I read your stories, Lori, I think about how hot you are.


I think you were embarrassed yes, but you are very sexy and should enjoy

Thank you! Yes i do enjoy it all now!
I was so embarrassed the first two years it was unreal! Here i am a normal, mom type. Everyone i know saw me naked! It was not till i posted it all on ep that I began to deal with what happened. Then actually enjoy it!

Enjoy that wonderful body! Glad you did find some fun and humor in accepting that you have plenty of admirers!

Keep smiling and having fun!

look, I have come to accept it and admit I kind of enjoy the attention now. ds

Wooh. Thanks for sharing the story but don't be embarrassed about it you look amazing. You should be proud of it

Lori, wow! thanks for sharing your amazing story. My heart was pounding for you imagining that early shock and mortifying feeling when you realized. You are lucky that you have friends and colleagues with such a good sense of humor. It is amazing that you are so good natured about it now and are able to share it with us. It really is a great story that none of us would want trade places with you, but enjoy living Vicariously. As embarrassing as it must have been to have everyone see your pics and video, there is nothing about your body that you should be embarrassed about. At least you have an amazing body to be proud of. You may not have wanted to share it with colleagues and family, but I sure appreciate your sharing your body with us!
Nice thing for you now is that you have nothing to hide! Once everyone has seen you naked and enjoyed it, you can relax and have a lot less to worry about...

Lori, you may have been embarrassed but you still look good!! Hold your head up and be proud - you are a very sexy woman!!

thank you very much! That one was a killer, that was the first photo where everyone
I know saw me completely naked!

Sweetie, that shot was beautiful, and your smile (yes, I looked at more than just your "assets"!) is gorgeous!

I'd love to see the video also!!! Thanks for the story!

Well I believe if you google "wife's embarrassing topless birthday video"

honey I want to see the video

Wow, that is embarrassing, but very funny. With cellphones and digital cameras, I bet it your experience is more common than you would think! I admire the way you have handled it - with humor and grace!

Yes, the embarrassment was unreal at the time! I agree though very funny, cant imagine the type of stuff caught on cell phone camera's lol!

I just loved reading your story.
As embarrassing as it must've been for you, so entertaining is reading your story.

Thanks for posting the story and sharing your sexy pic.

I think you are one hot 38 year old mama...

Thank you!! Yes, it was so embarrassing ! Yes, everyone saw me naked! But funny and I sure enjoy the compliments now.

I understand the embarassment you feel - nevertheless: Wow, you look georgious!

thanks, but hell yes was this embarrassing when it happenned!

cant wait for my birthday surprise xx

love the pics nice your nipples. look great. Be proud. Thank you for sharing. Hell..I'VE done a LOT more embarrassing stuff.

Great story, I am sure you were embarrassed, but you look great, so don't sweat it. You must be confident tho, to be able to share it, thanks, made my day. I would love it if my wife made the attempt.

You look great. Hope things are better for you now. Would love an add.

very hot photos No need to be embarrassed

Thank you, it was a rough first year though!

Very sexy lady nothing to be embarrassed about

Thanks, I just feel stupid, that's all!

Great natural body. Wonderful breasts. No need to be embarrassed!!

I think you are one HOTTTTTT LADY not a thing that shold embaress you your husband is one lucky man for having such a rocking hot wife. You ROCK 10+

WOW, that helps my ego!

you did this for hubby do not feel embarresssed

It is pretty embarrassing, you should see some of the jokes!!

Jokes or no jokes truth be told you are absolutely sexy. Your husband is a lucky guy. As for your *****, theyre incredible. You have a lot to be proud of. Thanks for sharing your story.

Thanks a lot! I appreciate it, really do. I will always be a little embarrassed, but it helps to hear things like this..

You shouldn't be embarrassed you have a great Body, We are all born in our Birthday suits and it's great to show it off now and then :-)

no one should ever be embarrassed by his/her own body, no matter who sees it! and you are curvey gorgeous!

You are totally awesome for doing this for your husband.
BTW: you are HOT. Very HOT. VERY, VERY HOT!!!
No reason to be embarrassed with a body like that.

Best comment of the day! Thanks! My husband did appreciate the effort, it just
went horribly embarrassingly wrong. Everyone I know saw this!

Everyone knows your heart was in the right place. Try not to be embarrassed: trust me, there are a LOT of women who saw you topless, or naked who wish they had your body and your breasts. Some would publish their nude pictures if they could get your HOT body and awesome breasts like yours.

Funny, women are the worst! I guess what really made it embarrassing was that my co workers saw it! Family members..YIKES!

If it helps, this is what happen to my wife.
We were camping when one of the guys suggested that we all go skinny dipping. Several people, including my wife, said “ok” and "great idea". However, when we started walking out of camp the other four wives/GF didn’t move & said “no way”. After my wife said she was going to do it, it was skinny dipping or backing down. I thought she’d back down and I’m sure the other guys and their wives/GF were surprised when she left with us guys. I realized that agreeing to join four couples skinny dipping had suddenly turned into Karen being the only girl who might actually be nude for the guys. I wasn’t sure what to do so I decided to see how she’d handle it before I said anything. I’ve seen girls swim in their undies, but Karen wasn’t wearing a bra that weekend so if she went that far she’d be topless in wet panties. I didn’t believe she'd really do that in front of guys we knew. When Karen saw the beach she casually removed her blouse. then quickly undressed. Before I knew it, Karen slipped off her panties and turned to face us. The guys enjoyed a delightful frontal view -- of my nude wife!!! After she went in we guys joined her in the water.
I was really embarrassed with Karen naked in front of guys we knew. Yet, I loved seeing her bare breasts bouncing on the water. I was so proud of her: she was so bold and so stunning. Surprisingly, I realized I started enjoying the guys see my wife naked!
Later I noticed two of the guys were standing next to her really checking her out. The water was a bit cold and it affected Karen’s nipples nicely. Seeing her hard erect nipples jetting out right under their noises and her exposed bush only inches away from their hands was embarrassing but also a turn‑on. Karen later told me that besides ogling her Larry discussed how great her breasts looked. So my wife was standing there naked as two of the guys talked about her nude body. They complemented her in detail on how nice her firm breasts and erect nipples looked. It was obvious to me that they were hoping they could somehow get the conversation to the point were they had a pretext to verify the firmness of her breasts, and maybe the sensitivity of her nipples, with a hands-on inspection. But nothing like that happened.
When she exited the cool water, nude, wet, with delightfully erect nipples, my friends were obviously again enthralled with the view.
After we got dressed another one of the guys showed up. The girls at camp must have told him what was going on and I’m sure he was disappointed to see Karen dressed and ready to leave. But my wife said he shouldn't go swimming alone and soon Karen was naked and back in the water! We all waited for them. When she exited the cool water, once again nude, wet with firm breasts and erect nipples, the guys were obviously again enthralled with the view. As for me, this time my naked wife was on display for an audience that was dressed for the whole show. None of the guys ever mentioned what happened that day to me. But every time I saw them I knew what we both were thinking.
That day, I was hoping to see the other women naked but if they had come it wouldn’t have been the kind of anxious turn-on I got by seeing my nude wife the center of attention. I’ve kind of gotten into this and since then she’s teased me about how I enjoy parading her around nude.
I thought you’d like to read Karen’s feelings on that day. I got this e-mail at work:
Yes, I remember being the only girl who went skinny dipping with the guys. I especially remember when Roger and Keith came over and stood right next to me.. Neither one could take their eye's off my breasts. They would stand there talking to me, but they never made eye contact. their eye's were glued to my breasts. I felt so beautiful and sexy realizing how much they wanted to touch me. I'm sure they would have given anything to lick and suck my nipples. which were "standing at attention" under their gazes. I know their wives would have had a fit if they'd seen the way their husbands couldn't take their eye's off me. Even now I get a rush thinking of it. My nipples are getting hard and I'm feeling a stiring you know where", This is a recent picture of her:

That is a very hot story. I know how your wife feels. It is really a weird feeling, not always bad though.

You're right, It is really a weird feeling, but necessarily a bad one. It was weird having her naked for the guys. Thanks for your comment that you liked the story. She's done other stuff: One night at a restaurant I suggested that she'd look better without her black bra being visible under her blouse. She said that she couldn't go bra-less under a top that was so completely transparent. Nevertheless, a few minutes later she hesitantly exited the ladies' room looking a little embarrassed. She was clutching her purse to her breasts and when she lowered it was obvious she had shed her bra.
Karen looked great. Her breasts were completely visible through her shear blouse! As she made her way to our table several guys checked her out. Seeing my wife on display like that in a formal restaurant was a super turn-on. It was almost as if she was topless in public and as we were eating I could clearly see her nipples. They looked erect and aroused.
On the way home she had to make a quick stop at her friend's house. I was very surprised when Karen left the car without putting anything over her blouse. Once inside Sharon's husband came over to say hi and quickly decided to stick around and chat. He used the opportunity to give Karen a good looking over - not that I could blame him but I was uneasy with him there chatting with my wife as nipples in plain view. In the restaurant it was strangers viewing her but now it was Sharon's husband staring at Karen's **** from just a few feet away. I felt that being seen by neighbors we know was more risque than all the people who saw her at the restaurant. Also, they both must have known that Karen wanted to expose her breasts to them. Back then I would not have suggested letting friends see her exposed like that but occasionally she's more daring than I'd suggest.
The two of them must have wondered if Karen was exposed like that in the restaurant and it wasn't long before the subject reached the obvious. Suddenly Karen was telling Sharon how she would sometimes indulge me by dressing indecent or trashy and how exposed she felt in the restaurant. It was almost surreal. Here we were chatting with neighbors with my wife's firm breasts and erect nipples visible. She looked so sultry and bold. It was ironic that the most risque and erotic part of the night was stopping by her friend's house

allgood women do this for there husband but to share with authers may be it is not realy good

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Great photo of a wonderful naked woman. You have wonderful D-cup hooters!!

Thank you..hearing that always makes this a bit easier

What a gal. There are lots of us guys that would love to have you as a wife. Thanks for sharing.

Well thank u jim...hubby does appreciate my efforts!
As embarrassing as it was!

OMG!!! I am blushing just feeling your embarrassment from reading this story. Honestly, you have a beautiful body and nothing to be ashamed of, but I can only imagine how difficult this situation was at the time. You are brave and I'm so glad you shared your version of the events. :o)

Michelle, thank you for you kind words! Even a few years later it is still a little embarrassing! Everyone I know saw me topless, some completely naked! I have been at the receiving end of many many jokes, but all in all, it certainly has been interesting...

i would love to see that video or any video with you in it

Well that infamous video and a couple other will pop up if you just google "wife's embarrassing topless birthday video" I became a local legend !

I will Google that and I bet you were famous

Haha, Too funny. Your not a "**** star". Just a Everyday Mom. (and a very nice one too). lol. Hey, everybody makes a mistake....Thanks! Bdayboobs....XXO

Thanks ! Yes I am far from a **** star! LOL, yes a very naked mistake!

Computers are so But you handled it like a Trooper. Wish I was there to see this. :=pp

Yes they are! I should have been paying more attention to what I was doing!
I did not handle it like a trooper for a very long time, everyone I know seeing me topless was like the world ended, then when the totally naked photos popped up, that was like embarrassment squared!
But after a year or so, I got more used to the remarks, comments and did a better job of not looking as embarrassed when someone said something
Other women were like the worst! The guys were crude, but not really mean, they women were mean!
Thanks a lot, I appreciate the compliments!

I. would. die. But, you look good - so at least there's that!!!

Thank u so much! Believe me I wanted to crawl in a hoke and die. Everyone I know saw me naked! Why could I not have done this when I was 25!