3 Teenage Girls

I was staying at a Hotel just to get away from work and things for a few days by myself. I arrived pretty late on the first day and just went straight in to bed. On the second day i went into the city to have a look around. That night i decided that i wanted to go for a swim in the hotels pool. I don't usually wear bathing suits, i normally would just get a pair of shorts or something. So i grabbed a towel and put some shorts on and walked out to the pool.

It was a big indoor pool with change rooms off the end, a small diving board at the deep end and a small spa at the shallow end. I put my towel on the bench next to the pool and jumped in. I was in for a while before i decided it was time to get out as it was getting boring by myself. I went into the change rooms, took my shorts off and jumped into the open showers. Nobody was around at this time of night so i just dried off and walked back to my room with nothing but a towel wrapped around me.

The next night i thought i would make it just that little bit more interesting for myself, i just wore some tiny footy shorts that i used to wear in school that were too small for me and had a broken draw string, i wore them with no undies, so it would be possible for somebody to see up my shorts if in the right position.

I left my towel on the bench and jumped straight into the water. I was relaxing up the deep end just floating when i heard 3 girls laughs coming up to the door. I looked at them as they walked in. They were all in their mid teens. They had towels over their shoulders and shirts with bikini bottoms on. One at a time they put their towels on the benches and the first girl took her shirt off to reveal a black and white bikini. She had brown hair and good looking big breasts. She stood and waited for the other two to get ready. The next girl took her shirt off, she had long blonde hair and decent sized breasts. The last girl looked a year or two younger than the other two, she too had blonde hair but she had a smaller yet still hot looking body.

The 3 girls got into the spa first and just laughed and talked for a while why i still relaxed in the deep end. They seemed happy just hanging out until the younger blonde decided to hop into the pool. She complained about it being cold but swam around the edge and bombed into the pool. The other two decided that they would join her. So i just lied there and watched these 3 hot young girls jumping into the pool. I started swimming around to keep warm while the girls kept jumping in. The girls where looking at me for a while and i think one of them may have noticed that i kept having to pull my shorts up higher with every stroke i swum. They talked together for a while and then came up with what i figured out later was a reason for me to have to jump into the pool.

The brown haired girl swam up to me and asked me if i could get the ball down that was caught in the crevasse half way up the wall. I happily said yes and climbed up the stairs holding onto my shorts so that they didn't fall down. I got a chair and reached up at full stretch to get the ball down. The girls thanked me and then all waited on the edge. I without thinking dived straight in, as i came back up my shorts were around my knees. I pulled them back up hopeful that the girls didn't see.

They all jumped in with grins on their faces, they asked if they could stand on my shoulders while im under water, then i jump up and send them through the air. I agreed thinking that it would be good fun.

The first girl that wanted to go was the younger blonde, so i crouched down under the water and felt her standing on my shoulders, as i flung her through the air, my shorts again fell down to my knees. I then repeated this with the older blonde this time holding my shorts up. The brown haired girl wanted to do it differently, she made me cup my hands on my knee and throw her up that way, probably so that i couldn't hold my shorts up. It worked, she went flying but thankfully my shorts only went a little way down, so they were still covering most of me. As i did it the same for the younger blonde again, the brown haired girl snuck up behind me and as i flung her into the air she held onto my skimpy shorts, pulling them down to my ankles. This tripped me over and the blonde girls both grabbed my arms, while they did that the other girl took my shorts off my ankles. I was embarrassed yet excited by this and i chased off around the pool after the brown haired girl with my shorts.

They all ganged up on me and must have wanted to see me naked. One of the blonde girls snuck up behind me and grabbed me around the waste, lifting me halfway out of the water and exposing my penis to the other girls. By now i was really hard and decided i might try and get them back, so i offered to keep throwing them in the air. The older blonde wanted me to, so i got her to get on my shoulders, but as i flung her i pulled down her bikini bottoms and chucked them out of the pool. She didn't seem to mind and got up laughing and just kept swimming around. As i was swimming around deciding who to target next two girls came up behind me and lifted me out of the water. They put me onto the side of the pool and laughed at me when my erect penis bounced around when i jumped back in.

They were talking in the corner when i snuck up behind them and dacked the other blonde. She just stepped out of her bottoms and i threw them away. Then the other girl decided to make it even and took hers off too.

We decided to play a game volleyball over the string across the middle of the pool, it was the two blondes against me and the brunet. As the game got underway, i got less worried about them seeing my penis when i jumped up to hit the ball. But at one stage the girl on my team reached across and grabbed my penis with her hand before getting back to the game. As she was serving i managed to pull the strings on her bikini and it just fell down, her gorgeous big **** were just bouncing around for the rest of the game.

After that i thought she had taken my side and we decided to get the bikinis off the last two girls. We swam across and they swam backwards, we cornered the older blonde and i moved in to remove her bikini, she brunet grabbed her arms and pulled her forward so that i had a free run at her bikini strings. Now there was only one left, we managed to corner her, in the deep end. I went towards her, but as i was about to reach behind her, the other two girls pushed me into the corner as well, my penis was pushing hard against her nicely shaved mound, the two girls behind me started to reach around and grab my penis as i pulled away from the younger girl, i managed to get her bra undone but the girls had other ideas, the brunet started slowly stroking my penis under the water, i talked the girls into taking it into the showers, so we all got out, and this being the first real chance i had to look at the naked girls i took my time.

We went into the guys showers where it was an open room with multiple shower heads, the brunet kept stroking me while the younger blonde sat down under me legs ready to catch my load and the older blonde took it in turns with the brunet, they went like this for a while, taking it in turns stroking and sucking my penis until the brunet made me shoot my load all over the face of the younger blonde. After this the brunet checked her phone and she had a message from her mum telling them to go back, so they put there bikinis back on and headed off, and we organized to meet back at the same time the next day.
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That is such a cute story of young girls having fun!

That is so sexy ;)

Excellent Story

The thing i love about EXP P, the stories are fun to read in their own way and in an erotic way

And then you woke up!

no part 2? i want to here what happed the next day!!!

Very nice story

you lucky lucky man...

Why do I have only terreble experiences... The best was only holding the outdoor showerfaucet on while a pretty girl rinsed off.