My Niece

I have been divorced over 20 years now, but still have good contact with my ex sister-in-law and her family.
About 10 years ago, she and her new husband wanted to borrow my kettle. I said sure, come on over.
At that time, I ran a business out of my basement  and was working that day, so I left the front door unlocked for them.
When I heard them knock, I called up for them to go ahead and take the kettle.
After they let, I decided to take a break and turned the computer to some **** I had and began wanking off.
Little did I realize they had brought their daughter with them and she decided to stay and visit with uncle Pat.

I felt a presence over my shoulder and turned to meet the gaze of my 17 yo niece.
Mind you, my pants and undies were around my ankles and it was my hard **** that she was gazing at.
Before I could say anything, she had removed my hand and replaced it with her own.
I must admit that it felt wonderful. But what happened next was AWESOME.
I'm sure my mouth was wide agape as this hot, young, raven haired beauty knelt down and gently lowered her wet lips over my ****.
All I could do was moan and run my hands through her straight, waist-length locks.
When I told her I was getting close, she just sucked harder and took all of what I would say was my biggest eruption ever.
I felt like a real A-hole, but she just smiled as my *** ran out of her lips and dribbled down her chin.
 ... more another time ....
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Update... As I found out later, she wasn't 17, but 22 at the time, but she looked so young and innocent.

sounds like the time my daughter caught me ******* off i was on the computer an i dont hear very well an had the sound up no one was home an ******* to some **** an some spanking movies stroking back forth an she comes in she was 15 stood watching me jerk off she had her hand in her shorts watching me

Did she take you in hand?

after two ohter times watching yes she did take in hand

How old is she now?

now she is 34 an with two boys

I bet she still remembers her ole man fondly.

ohyes she does that is for sure,how can she forget her first oral her first ******* an now stll when she is over she wlil rub into me nice

Sure wish my niece would come over here again. I miss her touch.

she lives to far away for her to come over an not interested in seeing you

I didn't understand the English in your last message. She lives in the same area, I just don't know where she works and could not contact her at home as she still lives with parents, and that would be too awkward for me to ask to speak to her.

i understand fully now shame no way to contact her
at least with mine she comes over

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Mmmmmmmmmm wow Awsome.

Damn, that's hot as hell