Mother In Law Saw Me In Bondage

My wife and I have just started to experiment with bondage. Like tying up one another and getting to do whatever we like to them. Nothing hardcore. We don't gag or hurt each other at all. This past week, my mother in law came to visit randomly. But she interrupted my wife and I. When the door rang, I was currently tied down to our bed. Each limb was separately tied to each corner of the bed. And I was tied up pretty good. I was also completely naked. My wife threw on a robe and told me to just stay quiet and she'd be right back. So she went to the door and I could hear her say, "Mom?" I completely freaked out. I overheard their conversation. My wife asked why she was here and her mom told her that she was in town for a friend's wedding. They started talking and then her mom stopped and said she forgot her to get medicine from the drug store and that she'd be right back. My wife told her not to worry and that she'd go out and get it. I thought to myself, why?! It was like 10 at night! But, my wife put on a coat and sweat pants from the laundry room and left. I wasn't actually concerned about my mother in law coming into our room because there was no reason for her to come in. So I kept my fingers crossed that she wouldn't come in. And when I heard the family room tv turn on I thought i was in the clear so I relaxed. Not two seconds later, the door opens. I look up and there's my mother in law. She smiled at me and just walked towards me saying, "Oh! I didn't realize you were home! Your dear wife went to the store for me, so she'll be back in a couple minutes." I had no idea what to say. I was tied up naked to my bed. But that didn't phase her I guess because she came and sat on the side of the bed facing me. She was so close to my bare crotch I was killing me. But she actually started a normal conversation. She just asked how I had been, what I had been doing, how the business was, etc. Not once did the topic of my nudity or bondage come up. I mean, I understand that she's seen me naked before, but any normal person would've at least brought it up. Once the conversation ended, she just patted me on the leg and said she was going to go watch tv. She left the room. I just thought to myself, what just happened? When my wife got home, her mom didn't say a thing to her about me. I told her what happened and she just cracked up.
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5 Responses Nov 20, 2011

You're lucky. You have a wonderful wife and a great mother-in-law! I did, too! Thanks

what a cool mother in law you have .

thats pretty funny lol

Oh my God........

that was funny ! liked to know what was going through her mind about this .