Naked With Classmate

This happened many years ago while I was in college. A female classmate and I had become fairly good friends during the semester. We would often go have coffee together after class. While she was very cute, I never really had any sexual thoughts about her, just thought of her as a very good friend.
One evening, she called me and asked if she could borrow my textbook for the class because she had misplaced hers. I told her sure, come on over. Since I had been doing some work out in the yard, I decided I'd better take a quick shower before she showed up. Knowing she would be there in a few minutes, I left a note on the door, saying I was in the shower and for her to come on in.
The hot shower must have made me zone out or something, because I was in there longer than I had planned. Next thing I knew, I heard the shower door open and, to my surprise, it was her. She had ******** down completely and stepped into the shower with me. I asked what in the hell was she doing. She said she read my note and was just coming on in like it said. Besides, she said, she had always wanted to see how I looked naked.
I took her in my arms and we cuddled for a moment under the hot shower. The feel of her quite large breasts against my chest was wonderful. I also noticed she had a shaved *****, which I really liked.
I had been going smooth myself for a short while, and she commented that she liked the way my smooth naked body looked. I was totally smooth from the neck down.
She then grabbed my **** and started ******* me off, then slid down and started sucking me. I was in heaven.
The water was starting to get cold, so we stepped out of the shower and dried each other off.
We immediately went to my bed and had an awesome ******* and sucking session. She made me *** at least three times over an hour's time and when she sucked on my spurting ****, she swallowed every drop of my ***.
I was pretty spent after all that, but she said she wanted to hang out for awhile before going home. So we sat there, both of us still totally naked, for another couple of hours, just chatting and watching a little TV.
She then told me that she rarely wore clothes at home and just loved lounging around naked.
From then on, we would get together whenever we could, mostly just hanging out naked together. Occassionally, we would **** and suck, but we mostly just enjoyed the feeling of being naked together.
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Dec 2, 2011