Embarrassing Caught By Sister

My senior year in high school I had been dating a girl for about a year, and we were sexually active. since we were both still in high school we were obviously still living at home. We used to spend a lot of time at her parent's house, as her family was out often so we were pretty well never bothered by anyone. There was a living area right by the front door and the stairway, and a second living area toward the other side of the house. We were not allowed up in her room (we went up there sometimes anyway), so we spent our time in the back room. It was out of the way of the rest of the house, so we felt alone even when everyone was home. We were able to be more comfortable with one another that way. During the summer no one was home in the afternoons, so we would hang out there when neither of us were working. We would usually just watch movies and talk, but sometimes we would get a little more promiscuous. One afternoon, we were hanging out when I found out her parents and sister were all working, and that they would not be off for a couple of hours. I, being a healthy young man, was pretty horny that afternoon. I decided that I would surprise her and get naked. I said that I was going to the bathroom, but went upstairs and shed all of my clothes in her room. I came back downstairs, and she was just putting in the movie we were planning to watch in the front living room (there was a nice big screen in there). I walked over and into the room bare *** naked. When she turned and saw me, she smiled and told me to come over to her. Just then the front door opened. My heart stopped. Now, you could not see into the living room from the entry, but that was the only way to get back upstairs, back to my clothes. Luckily we had not started doing anything, but I was still nude and my girlfriend had all of her clothes on so I was really the one in the worst situation. I did not know what to do at this point, and we both just froze where we were. I didn't run to another room. I didn't grab a blanket two feet away to cover myself. I just stood there like an idiot and covered myself with my hands. All of the sudden, her younger sister walks into the room and sees me standing there in my birthday suit. Her sister was 16 and also in high school with us. I was relieved that it was not her parents, but still embarrassed that her sister was looking at me trying to cover myself as she stood between us and the stairs. She asked what was going on, and explained that she had gotten off work early. After we explained, she told us that I could get my clothes and that she would not tell anyone about it. There was only one term to the deal, however. She had never had a boyfriend, for very long at least, so she was curious about the male body. At this point I had moved behind my girlfriend and gabbed a blanket to cover myself while we talked. Her sister said that I had to drop the blanked and walk upstairs uncovered so she could see my ****. My girlfriend and her sister were close since they were practically the same age. She agreed and said she did not want her parents to find out she was sexually active. She told me it was not a big deal, and that her sister would be true to her word. Being the least embarrassing, and least consequential option that I had, I took it. Her sister got to see me totally nude as I walked past her and back upstairs to get my clothes back on. I was hard as a rock out of embarrassment, so that interested her more. She asked me to stop as soon as I got to her so she could get a better look. I stood there for what seemed like a lifetime while she stared at my hard ****. She then touched it and felt it, not stroking it or rubbing me off, but just feeling my ****. After that I went upstairs and put my clothes back on. I was so embarrassed that I just had to get out of that house, so I left to try and calm down. I did still continue to date my girlfriend and it turned out not to be too awkward with her sister. She did come home unannounced more often but I was never exposed like that again. Her sister did stay true to her word as far as I know, but that was by far my most embarrassing moment ever.
After all of this took place I actually thought about what happened, and realize it was very exciting. I like the idea of being nude in front of someone else who I am not dating. Embarrassment and excitement make for a very interesting combination. No other opportunities have ever come up where this has happened, but I am realizing that I want it to happen again. I would love to find an avenue with which I can have more experiences like this.
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great story, I'm glad it worked out well for you, like morg61 said there are several groups out there for ideas, good luck!