Washed By My Sister

My sister and I were on vacation back in the early 70s in Eastern Europe with my mom, staying at my aunt's house. My mom had to leave for a couple of days to attend to business, leaving my 14 year old sister and me, at 10 years old, with my aunt and uncle. The first day was fine... until evening. My aunt told me it was time to take a bath. Their house had no shower or tub. She dragged out a tin tub about 2 feet high and 4 feet long and filled it with hot and cold water. She told me to get undressed and hop in. Only my mother bathed me prior to this, so I was somewhat reluctant, but since she was a person of authority, I went ahead. I was somewhat embarrassed. I got undressed and hopped into the tub quickly, covering my genitals with my hands as I knelt in the tub. She began bathing me with a wash cloth and soap when all of a sudden my older sister walked in. I yelled "no, go away!". My aunt actually ordered my sister to help bathe me. I was mortified and began to yell for my sister to leave. That is when my aunt began to spank me. She pulled my hair and whacked my butt until I was subdued and crying from pain. Then my sister began washing me. I was crying a bit and really embarrassed. I was covering my genitals but every time I didn't cooperate, my aunt would spank me more. My sister was washing me with a wash cloth everywhere including my butt and genitals. As I glanced over at my sister, she had a bit of a smile on her face, which made me mad.  My aunt made me stand in the tub in order for my sister to reach those hard to reach spots. I was getting really annoyed and protested more, resulting in more whacks. I think my **** was getting hard too, although I was still prepubescent.  Then, my uncle came home. Hearing the noise, he came in, further mortifying me. He was mad and said he would spank me if I continued resisting. When they finished bathing me, I was ordered out of the tub and my aunt toweled me off. Then my uncle tore the towel off me and threw my naked body over his knee and began whipping me with a belt. I was screaming. Looking over at my sister, I could tell she felt sorry for me and was no longer smiling. My uncle then let me go. I was not given any clothes and stood there crying and covering my genitals in the corner, shaking in fear. Then, my aunt told my sister it was her turn to take a bath. My sister looked really scared. Although she didn't want to undress, she knew she had to. She took off all of her clothes and went into the tub, covering her breasts with her right arm and genitals with her left. My aunt then ordered me to help bathe my sister. Fearing spanking I went over to the tub, knelt down and grabbed a wash cloth and began washing my sisters back first. I was still prepubescent but my **** was hard now.  My sister, looking mad, then shoved me and I fell backwards. My aunt then unleashed a swift whipping on my sister, beating her back and butt and ripping at her hair. My sister was crying. My aunt ordered me to continue washing her, which I did. I never saw my sister naked before and it was quite erotic, even though I had not gone through puberty yet, my **** was hard. She had nice small size A breasts, and a nice hour glass shaped body, with light brown reddish pubic hair. My aunt lifted her arm and told me to wash her under arms. As I did so I washed her breasts too, slowly sliding the wash cloth against her hard nipples.  I guess I was copping a feel with my other hand, gently caressing her breasts  and belly. I was really turned on. Even at 10, I had a raging erection. I was naked throughout this whole ordeal too. I never ******'d yet because I was too young, nor did I know what an ****** or sex was. My sister dared not resist. My aunt made my sister stand up in the tub, then she ordered me to wash her butt and legs. Her butt was awesome looking with a nice hour glass body shape. I also caressed her vagina with a was cloth trying to feel what was there, since I never seen a woman naked before.  Finally, she finished her bath. My sister got out of the tub and toweled off. Her towel was snatched away by my aunt. Now both of us stood there naked, holding on to our genitals. My uncle then ordered an inspection. First he called me over. He said that i was not thoroughly clean and that it was due to my resistance. He smacked my balls. I fell to the ground in pain. My sister then was called over. He began inspecting her butt. She was crying. He slapped her. Then, I think he shoved his hand in her butt. She was yelling and crying. I yelled for him to stop, which is when my aunt grabbed me by the hair and then grabbed my sister by the hair, and dragged us off into the bedroom.  She shut the lights off and said we were punished, and that we were not to turn on the lights or make any noise and go straight to sleep. After she left, I ran from my bed to my sister's bed and climbed in. We both were crying and cuddled. We could see the light from the other room slightly.  I asked her if she was ok.  She said no.  We fell asleep naked together hugging each other the whole night.  A pigeon on the window awoke us at 5 AM the next day.  My sister said I should go back to my bed in case they come in.  I did.  Later my Aunt came in and told us we were very bad and that she hoped our attitudes had changed.  She said she would tell our mother how bad we were if we continued to disobey her.  She gave us clothes and told us to get dressed.  My sister and I never discussed this again.  Later sfter puberty, I would often think about this experience and how erotic, and traumatic it was.
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your aunts an a$$

That is child abuse, it is never okay to smack a boy's or even a man's balls.

Did you ever get to see your sister naked again?

That was a very terrible story! I bet you were humiliated. Why did they do that? Did you enjoy seeing your sister naked or not? Then, your aunt sent you and your sister to bed without clothes? Did you two tell your mother what happened?

During summers in Sweden in my teenage years my cousins and my aunt were always very open about nudity. We didn't have to share baths, but being the only boy among 7 girls and one divorced woman they were keen to impart the facts of life, with practical lessons. I always considered it a good education.


Fake and disgusting story. How the hell did you even think this up?

haha i know right? what a stupid *** story

I agree. I was expecting it to go all the way to full on BDSM

That's a very poor but very disturbing fantasy. These were uncle and aunt from Hell! I hope your aunt made sure your sister drew your foreskin back and you washed carefully between her peepee lips. Of course you washed very carefully each other's ****** ******** while the exquisite smell wafted over to the pervert nostrils of those Transylvanian long-lost relatives. Who probably went to have a romp in the manure behind the farm right after that. Did Uncle Deer have **** under his foreskin after he ****** your aunt, your sister, and the female pig in the ***? Sure you never forgot the smell as he asked you to lick it...

I was washed by my sister till i was 14, she is 2 years older.
She had been doing this since i was a young boy, so i had just sort of got used to it.
It felt a bit strange when i started puberty, but mum insisted on her doing it as she said boys do not wash themselves properly.

I wouldn't mind it if my sister saw me naked again. We've been naked in front of each other before but she never liked seeing my penis. I loved seeing her vagina and her butt. Especially her butt because its so smooth and perfect. I've massaged her butt before. I would love it if my sister would wash my hair for me someday.

nice story

like stroy

Ur uncle and aunts r jerks!

Would have been a great experience!!

Would have been a great experience!!