Naked With Cousin

When I was 14, I went to Europe and stayed with my cousins for a month. I mostly hung out with my female cousin who was 15. One day she asked if I wanted to go pick strawberries at their family's small slice of land in the country where they grew fruits and vegetables. They lived in the outskirts of town and the tiny farm was just 20 minutes by commuter train. Basically it was a half acre of land with s small cabin. We walked to the train station and hopped on a 3 pm train. It was just 4 stops away and we were there by 3:20. As we got off the train we noticed how dark the and cloudy the skies became. It began to drizzle. She said it was a 15 minute walk, about a mile up a dirt road. All of sudden as we were walking, the skies just opened up. It began raining cats and dogs. We tried to hide under a tree, but most of the trees were rather small and the rain was too hard. Then came the thunder and lightning, so we did not want to be under a tree. We began to run. Now it was pouring, like someone dumping buckets of water on us. It was unreal. We put our jackets over our heads and began running fast. The road was now like a river. She took off her shoes and so did I. We got tired of running quick. Our clothes felt really heavy because they were drenched. It was hopeless. There was no place to hide. We began laughing at our situation and just kept walking as the rain grew heavier and heavier. The road now was truly a river. Finally, she pointed out the cabin which was just up ahead. We opened the gated fence and went onto the porch. There we stopped and sighed, and then we laughed. We were drenched to the bone. She got her key and opened the cabin door. The cabin was one room, with an old stove that burned wood, a table and chairs and a sofa that turned into a bed. Unfortunately there were no towels or any other clothing because they just cleaned out the place to have things washed in the city. We needed to get our clothes dry.  My cousin fired up the stove with wood.  I rang out my jacket on the porch and then took off my t shirt and rang that out.  We made a makeshift clothesline near the stove.  I hung my shirt and jacket there and placed my drenched sneakers on the stove.  My jeans were drenched as well.  I felt kind of funny taking those off, but did so quickly ringing them out and hanging on the clothes line.  I was now in my boxers, which were also drenched.  Well, I wasn't sure how to do this, but I had to get the underwear dry as well.  I quickly slipped them off, hung them on the clothes line, and knelt in the corner hiding my now totally naked body while my cousin wasn't looking.  To not startle her, and called over to her and told her not to startled, but I was naked.  She gasped.  I apologized but told her I had to get dry.  I told her I would just sit in the corner.  I had by genitals covered with my hands.  Well, she was in the same boat.  She turned around and took off her shirt, then jeans.  She took the small 4 foot rung off the floor and covered herself up.  The she slipped off her underwear.  I told her I wished I grabbed the rug first.  She laughed.  She made us a cup of tea, which we drank and talked a while, warming ourselves near the stove.  It was now after 5 pm and getting dark.  I needed to go to the bathroom.  I asked her where the bathroom was.  She said that there was only an outhouse behind the cabin.  I stood up and walked toward the window to peak outside, still covering my genitals with one hand and my butt with the other hand.  I asked her if there were any other people around her.  She said there may be.  I realized I would have to make a dash from the house, onto the porch and around the cabin to reach the outhouse, without anyone seeing me naked.  I asked her to stand by the door and keep a lookout while I go to the outhouse.    I opened the door and ran out naked.  It was still raining.  I reached the outhouse which really stunk.  I held my breath as I pee'd.  After I was done, I opened the outhouse door slowly to make sure the coast was clear.  The I ran back to the cabin.  The door was locked.  I knocked hard asking her to open the door.  My cousin joked, "who is it".  I begged her to stop messing around and open the door.  She did.  She seemed somewhat in a playful mood.  She began to tickle me.  I was ticklish.  To fight her off, I had to take my hands off my genitals and butt which now left me exposed naked.  Two can play.  I began tickling her.  I put my hand under the rug she was wearing and  began tickling her all over.  I tried to avoid her breasts and vagina, but I came close.  Then her rug fell off, so I got to see her completely naked.  I was winning the tickle fight, so she yelled that she is giving up.  We were both tired.  She grabbed her rug and put it over herself, and I went back to my corner and covered up my genitals.  She made another cup of tea, and we talked some more.  It was getting late, so we decided to go to sleep.  It was getting cold in the cabin, so we thought we should sleep by the stove.  She was still cold, so I said I would warm her up with body heat.  I had her lie down on her rug facing the stove and I nestled in back of her facing her back.  I pressed up my body against hers and rubbed my hand across her front to keep her warm..  She didn't object to this.  The heat from the stove helped and we were both comfortable.  We talked some more, trying to fall asleep.  I began to gently stroke my arm across her body.  I wasn't sure how far I could take this.  I stroked her all over, slowly moving to her nipples.  She still didn't object, so I kept going.  I could feel her body quiver which showed me she was liking it.  It was dark now, with the only light in the room coming from the stove.  I slowly starting moving toward her vagina.  She didn't object so I kept going.  I started slowly, but soon began to really rub her vagina.  Again, I could feel her quiver and slowly spread her legs more, so I know she liked it.  No words were exchanged.  I then could tell she ******'d.  She gently took my arm off her vagina and then she took her arm and began stroking my ****.  It did not take long cause I was turned on.  I ******'d.  She then took her hand off and we lay there until we fell asleep.  We awoke early around 5 AM.  We checked our clothes and they were pretty dry, so we got dressed.  We didn't discuss our act at all.  Nothing changed either.  Nothing was weird.  The rain had stopped and it was light out so we ventured outside and picked some strawberries.  We were pretty hungry.  Later she made tea again, and then we headed out to catch the 7 AM train back.  We never discussed what we did.  It was just one of those things.  We satisfied a need.
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That was an awesome night and a great story. What did you think about her seeing you in all your glory and seeing your penis at first. Were you shy and bashful and being from the US were you circumcised cause I know most guys in France are not cut. Did yall share any other times like that afterwards?

nice experience and nicely written, thanks for sharing.

After that??? Im curious