Girls Spying Me In The Shower

Hey guys, before I tell you my story you must know that I`m from germany and my english isn`t perfect. Maybe there some mistakes in my text.

Some months ago I was on a school trip to england. Everyone lived in a guestfamily and the guestparents wre really nice but one of their daughters (12 years old) was really crazy and trashy. One afternoon when the parents were on work i was going to the shower. I enjoy showering (it was a big shower with seetroug glassfront ) but when i looked behind me i seeing the 12 yeor old girl standing behind the shower and watching me with a big smile on her face. Before I could tell her something the shouted "come her he`s naked" at this moment there come  four other girls in the same age in the bathroom, looking at my naked body and laughing like crazy. In the first moment i don`t want to turn around, because I couldnt get my clothes or a towle, so I just hold my hands over my p***s and walk out of the shower in to my room. On the way a little, fat girl touched my naked butt and all screaming "sexy butt , sexy butt". That was crazy stuff and I was happy to went home next day.

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after seeing your picture i should say 'lucky them'

lucky you

omigosh im so sorry