Embarrassing Moment

I'm too old to be embarrassed to be seen naked, but in this situation I couldn't help it. My wife had arranged a trip to the hairdresser yesterday and was planning to be out of the house for the afternoon. I decided it might be fun whilst I had the house to myself, to try taking a few photos of myself in the garden naked. I recently took some in the house and found it quite good fun. I'd never done it outside before but I thought it might be even more fun. Bear in mind, my wife doesn't know I get up to such things. I found a couple of fairly well secluded spots and managed to take a few, but they weren't very good. The one right in the open was taken quickly and I managed to chop half my head off in the picture. Another was under a big tree but it was too dark and anyway, in that photo I looked like I was leaning on a bramble. I did manage a few reclining on the sunbed. I decided to take one standing on the patio. I rested the camera on the back of a chair, lined it up to where I planned to stand, and set the shutter delay to give enough time to press the button and get into position.
So with everything set up and ready, I removed my tshirt and jeans, ******** off my underpants and kicked off my sandals. I pressed the button on the camera and rushed to the pose position with everything on display. So there I was, hand on hip, stupid smile on my face for the camera and I heard "What on earth are you doing?". My wife had got home early and was standing at the patio door looking at me.
Well. What can you say.
The camera clicked as I was half way in the door to grab my jeans, my mind in panic and working in overdrive trying to think of an explanation. So the embarrassing moment is now captured on camera and surprisingly, there's no look of shock and horror on my face, but a sort of weak half smile as I tried to make it look like just one of those things you do when you have the house to yourself.

A reward might be considered for the best excuse someone can suggest to use when caught in such an embarrassing situation.
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1 Response May 12, 2012

Hi Scorpion, great story and even better knowing that its true. Now, it would be a pity to go through all that trouble and embarrassment and you not share the photo with us.<br />
<br />
OK friends lets see if we can get some votes to get Scorpion to show all !!!