Locked Out In France

I used to go to a school that was very wealthy. Anyway, I was one of the few students that got to go on a trip to France. The other girls were jerks, and so were the boys, except for Brian. I... had a crush on Brian. So, we were at the hotel, and the girls had a room and the guys had a room. I was taking a shower when a girl that hated me (because I named my dog after her. You know, before I knew her) pulled me out and threw me out of the room.

I said, "Come on. Give me something!"

The girl threw my glasses at me, then locked the door. I put on my glasses. At least I could see. The teacher was a floor above us, and I was naked. I started crying. I heard a door open. I looked up at a shocked Brian. Brain went back into his room, and came out with a towel. Brian snuck me into the closet and told the guys to get out. Then, he let me stay in the room, giving me privacy by going into the bathroom. He was very nice, so I let him sit with me while I covered myself with the bed blankets.

Later, Brian told the teacher what happened. The teacher punished the girls and let me back in the room.
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Sorry that happened to you but at least the guy proved himself to be a good one and the culprits were punished. :)