In Gym Class

This story happened back in my high school days. I was 17 at the time and I was a junior in high school. My first class of the day was a fitness class and it was easy as cake. The only thing the class consisted of was a warm up at the beginning then you worked out for the rest of the class. The only pair of shorts that I could find on this particular morning were an old pair of ripped up shorts. I was wearing a pair of boxers underneath that were riding up my ***. After the warm ups in class we would always stretch. When we were doing groin stretches one of my balls popped out of my shorts! It was at this point that I realized that my shorts were more ripped up than I expected. The entire back of my shorts were shredded. I re adjusted my shorts and didn't think much of it. Later on in class I was squatting in front of a mirror and my package must have been showing. Some of the guys in class were telling me “dude put on some other shorts on that’s nasty”. I didn’t have any other shorts with me that I could throw on. Then one of my friends in the class got an idea. He told me to go in front of a group of girls and bend over and start stretching. I said no at first, but a lot of the guys in the class were pushing me to do it. Then one of the dudes brought up a previous event where we dared him to put on a pair of short shorts and bend over in front of a bus and he went through with it. At that point I figured if he can bend over in front of a bus I can do it in front of a group of girls. We spotted a group of girls in the class three of them were in my grade and two of them were sophomores. They were all pretty attractive and they were also pretty fit. One of the dudes told me exactly where to stand so I was about 15 feet in front of them. Then he yelled at one of them “HEY STACY” and gave me the signal to bend over. I couldn’t see the reaction because I was bent over, but apparently she liked it. Her jaw dropped and her face was red as a tomato, the other girls in the group quickly turned their heads and most of them liked it as well. I guess two of them were a little grossed out. When I was done I looked back and they were all giggling and they looked pretty amused. I went about my business as usual for the rest of the class.
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Nice job! How much do you think the girls saw? Were you ever seen bare *** naked by other girls after puberty?

to funny. that is great, I love that you are not fearful and had some fun.