Caught With Shorts Down In Car

i had been reading stories about being caught naked and sure enough they got me horny, just imagining wat it would be like and just the whole adrenaline got me off haha so i was parked in my car one night and the lady(lets call her jen) lives upstairs across the parking lot. jen came out and i noticed she was going to pass me by to throw the trash away, my **** jumped as i knew this could be the moment. so i pulled my shorts and boxers down and began stroking my ****, i was super hard. i open the passenger window so she can see and turn, shes finally coming, my heart pounding my chest in excitement. as she passes me by she turns and clearly saw my ****, but kept walking. i remembered she still had to come back so when shes passing me again, still stroking and trying to get her to see, she turns and stares at my **** the whole time with a nice smile. i was rushed and could almost ****** at the excitement, but i was hoping for more.
Jen finally goes back inside, suddenly she comes back out and turns to pick something up off the floor, as she bends her nightgown reveals half of her ***. I guess she liked the show after all lol
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18-21, M
1 Response May 18, 2012

That sounds very exciting. The thrill of it all!