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Caught Naked By Home Cleaning Lady

It was a sunny Saturday morning. I decided to air out the home a little, so I open the front windows, the back sliding door and my front door which also has a glass door, which I opened. I been very busy working all week and forgot that this was the day for the cleaning lady to come.

I did some small things around the house then it was time to go take a shower and get ready to go golfing. I went and took my shower and came out to the kitchen naked as i always do within my home to fix some coffee and while waiting for the coffee to make, I had this hard on that I leaned back on the counter and started stroking and then shot this hugh load all over the floor. No knowing that the cleaning lady was setting on the back porch and watching me the whole time through the 3 windows from the knook area. She then came around and said well I am glad I have not mop the floor yet and that was really fun watching to start my morning. She came over to me and suck the rest of the *** off my **** and said okay, now your clean and lighter.

I said oh I am so sorry forgot about your being here today. She said that is okay, you had the front door open and I heard the shower going so I did not want bother you, not knowing you where going to come out naked and bust a nut, LOL All is okay.

She was really cool about it all.
sunman50 sunman50 51-55, M 1 Response May 18, 2012

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If your home cleaning lady does not make any complaint and enjoy seeing you ************, why not?