Last Week At A Trade Show

I was at a trade show up north (canada) and was travelling with a collegue/lateral subordinate. Our boss had asked that I show her the ropes of being a buyer at tradeshows. We arrived early on the first day, registered and headed to the hotel. We were there far too early for checkin and decided to just have some late lunch.

After dining, we proceded to check-in but only my room was ready. Hers wouldn't be ready for about another hour (I had elite status permitting an early check-in). She was a little frustrated and having to wait in the lobby with her bags and I suggested she drop the bags in my room and then just go explore the city and perhaps do some shopping. We proceeded to my room, she dropped her bags and I gave her the spare key. We both left and went opposite directions (I had planned to meet an annual contact for the show at a local pub for some drinks).

When I got to the pub, I had a couple of beers with my friend and we chatted a bit. About two hours later, I decided to head back to the room to get cleaned up for dinner and the opening show event. Got into the room, undressed, and climbed into the shower. It was one of those showers that, after a long day, just feels so refreshing. I got done, pulled the curtain back and noticed the mirror was a little steamed up preventing a good shave. I opened the door to let some cool air in and unsteam the mirror. It was working but I remembered I hadn't yet turned on the a/c fan in the room. So, I exited the bathroom wiping down my head with a towel. With the towel temporarily covering my eyes, I bumped into something. I lifted the towel from my eyes to see my collegue looking at my testicles. I froze. Recovering I just apologied and covered myself with my towel. I apologized again and told her I didn't even think to check if there was anyone in the room and had forgotten I gave her a key. She let me off with a remark that it could have happened to anyone and she just got caught up in her shopping and had just come to get her bags. I held open the door while she took her bags out.

We didn't bring up the incident again until the last evening of the show. I again apologized and she simply remarked it was alright but that her fingers were rather sore all week as a result, smiled, and walked away (looking over her right shoulder back toward me). I didn't make a move, as I am happily married, but I did damage my own hand a little later tha evening in my room.

Nice little office fliratation beginning.... (though, she's already seen me).
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

I like the fact that you stayed true to your wife!

that was a good one