Step Father Caught Me In The Bathtub

One time I was taking a bath in the downstairs bathroom instead of the one upstairs and apparently my step father thought it was my mother and walked in without knocking. I think he was surprised but he got to see my **** and ***** clearly because the bathtub was about five feet from the door.

Another time, he was working on my computer and I had to change clothes to go to work and I took off the pants I was wearing and then the pantyhose and my shirt, so I wasn't naked but I was standing there in my bra and panties while he was working. I know he watched as I took off my pantyhose. I dressed in my work clothes and he took me to work. Not that exciting but thats the story. lol
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Was it awkward to be around him after he walked in on you while you bathed?

I'm sure he loved admiring your naked and semi dressed body.

I think you underestimate how exciting it is to see a young lady in just her underwear !!

Good point - gotta agree with that thought.

Your poor step-father having to be subjected to that. I wish it had been me.

I found it exciting ;)

Hmmm... and my mom caught me almost in the bathtub! Small world.

But it appears you were older when it happened to you - I was just 12.

I was 16 at the time. I think he was surprised and thought it was my Mom for a minute because all he could see was from the neck down and her ***** hair looked a lot like mine at the time. (Saw her ***** in the videos..)

Ha - well, my mom only saw a few hairs - much less than my brother and BUNCHES less than my dad so there was no mistaking who she'd walked in on in my situation. I actually posted a story about it in some section. But it's all good, in the long run. I wasn't warped for life. Well, not TOO much.

Well I'm certain he enjoyed watching, did you enjoy teasing? Have you done it again?

I have seen my step daughter naked, even felt her up. GOD so hot, but that stage of our life seems to be over... Sad. I am glad you got to enjoy this time with your step dad.

Still it was HOT.

well, at least he could compare with Mom...

damn lucky man