Secluded Sunbathing

In my quest for the perfect tan I’ve wanted to sunbathe topless in order to eliminate some tan lines. However I haven’t been able to find any place to safely sunbathe sans top. I know the easy way would be to go to a tanning salon but my budget is tight and I don’t want to spend the money. Besides, laying in a tanning bed can be sooo boring.

My friend, Lynne, told me she knew of a place where it was safe to sunbathe nude if I wanted to. I was eager to check out the location so we made arrangements when we had a day off. When I told Brandi of our plans she and Connie wanted to join us. It was shaping up to be a fun girl’s day out together. Lynne is strictly heterosexual so I warned her that Brandi is bi, and Connie is lesbian. I knew Brandi would be cool but Connie can be very sexually aggressive at times. Lynne wasn’t concerned so we proceeded with our plans.

Lynne led us about ten miles outside of the city where we came to a tiny little town. At the edge of this town there was a small municipal park with a stream running through it. The area was semi secluded but still too public for what I had in mind. The park was mostly shaded and was vacant except for a couple of fishermen. Lynne led us through the park to a narrow path that paralleled the stream. We were all in a jovial mood and joked around a lot as we followed the path in single file. The path led us through a wooded area and away from civilization. However there wasn’t any place that was ideal for sunbathing. Eventually the path veered away from the stream but we wanted to stay near the water. We climbed down the bank and proceeded to wade in the stream. The creek might be better described as a babbling brook. The bed of the stream was made up of rocks that were worn smooth. The smooth rocks were slippery so we had to proceed cautiously to avoid falling. The depth of the water varied from ankle deep to just under knee deep. It was a very hot and humid day so the cool water was very refreshing.

As we waded in the stream Brandi and Connie mentioned that they were relieved we had lost the creepy man who had been following us. Lynne and I weren’t even aware of being followed. The other girls told us the man had been following us ever since we got on the path. After we left the path and started wading in the stream the guy gave up on shadowing us. We soon forgot about the creepy guy as we were having fun teasing Lynne about her choice of location for sunbathing. There wasn’t much area for laying out and the few appropriate places we found were in the shade. We waded for quite a distance before we came to a small “bar” that was in the sun. I hesitate to call it a sand bar because it was made up of small smooth pebbles. The pebble bar was just big enough for the four of us to lay side by side. We didn’t waste any time in spreading our beach towels and stripping down to our bikinis. Lynne and I immediately shed our tops while Brandi and Connie were a bit more modest and kept their full bikinis on, although Brandi was wearing a thong.

We were actually having a great time just sunning, talking, and relaxing. I was wearing my white g-string bikini and the sun felt really great on my bare boobs and cheeks. I was surprised with how well Connie behaved herself. In the past she has shown a sexual interest in me but she contains her urges since Brandi and I are involved with each other. However, since I was almost naked I was impressed that she didn’t hit on me in some way. Lynne was half naked too and has a much more voluptuous curvy body than me and Connie didn’t hit on her either.

I was happy just to sunbathe topless and kept my g-string on because I was paranoid about getting a sunburn on my nether regions. Besides my thin bikini turned sheer when wet anyway so I was virtually naked since we frequently splashed water on ourselves to cool off.

We enjoyed the sun and each other’s company for quite a long time until one of my friends laughingly exclaimed “Summer, your top is getting away.” I looked up to see my bikini top slowly floating down the stream. Don’t know how that happened but it was no big deal. I was laying right at the edge of the water so the string halter might have gotten nudged towards the water or maybe even a breeze moved the flimsy halter just enough for the current to catch it. I got up to retrieve the garment but found the simple task more challenging than I expected. The current was very gentle so the string halter was drifting away slowly. However I had to be careful with my footing on the smooth slippery rocks that made up the bed of the stream. The water was fairly shallow so if I fell the water wouldn’t break my fall much. Turns out the slowly drifting bikini was moving faster than me. As the distance between me and the bikini top increased my friends cheered me on like it was a race and I was laughing my bare *** off. I expected the garment to catch on a rock or something but it seemed to elude any object protruding up from the water. I was probably a good fifty feet away from my friends when I began to worry that I might never retrieve the halter. I simply didn’t want to lose the sexy bikini but it was also critical to catch up to it so I wouldn’t have to go home topless. I had only worn the bikini and a pair of Daisy Dukes as a cover up for the outing. I didn’t have any other top to put on for the drive home.

Just when it seemed like I would never catch up to the floating halter I saw a man standing on the creek bank about thirty feet ahead of me. I pointed towards the floating garment as I yelled to him “Help me. Get my top.” I was so concerned about the bikini top that it didn’t even occur to me to cover my ****. I had been topless for so long it just seemed natural to be bare breasted. I really didn’t need to ask for his aid as he was already taking action to retrieve the garment. He had a long dead tree branch in his hand that he used to snag the halter and pull it out of the water. I gasped “Oh thank you, thank you” as I waded towards the man and he just looked at me with a solemn expression on his face. I was so relieved that my bikini top had been rescued that it took me a few seconds to realize my chest was openly exposed to the man. I giggled and blushed as I threw my arms over my chest to cover myself. As I continued to wade towards the man there were a couple of times when my feet slipped a little on the slippery rocks and I jerked my arms to catch my balance, again exposing my **** for a couple of seconds.

When I finally arrived at the man’s location I laughed as I thanked him again for his aid. I was still standing in the stream while he was up on the bank. His solemn expression didn’t change as he replied “I need you to come up here.” I instantly became suspicious of him but I tried to keep a light hearted attitude. I didn’t want to get too close to the man so I kept one arm crossed over my boobs as I reached out my other hand and said “Just toss it to me.” He sternly repeated “You need to come up here. I need to have a serious talk with you.” He seemed to understand my reluctance so he continued “I’m with the Fish and Game Commission.” I started to ask to see an I.D. but before I even finished the sentence he was holding out an I.D. wallet for my inspection. I was standing ten feet away from him so I couldn’t see any details on the I.D. anyway. However, his authoritarian manner convinced me that I had better do what he requested. In order to climb up the rocky bank I had to use my hands to grasp hold of ridges to pull myself up, leaving my chest fully exposed.

I had obviously done something to upset the official but I couldn’t imagine what. Was I disturbing the fish by wading in the stream? When I gained the crest of the bank I immediately covered my chest with my arms. I was frightened of the man and very nervous. The man was casually dressed in jeans, shirt, and baseball cap. There was nothing official looking about his attire. If he was just posing as an official in order to get close to me I was in big trouble. My friends were almost a hundred feet away and wouldn’t be able to traverse the distance any faster than I had. If the man molested me I don’t know how much help three petite girls would be anyway. I was trembling with fright and nervousness when I asked to see his I.D. again. He immediately produced the document for my inspection again. The card looked official but then I had no idea what a Game Commission I.D. looked like anyway.

The man held my bikini top in his hand as he proceeded to lecture me on the evils of littering. He told me there has been a problem in the area of young people partying at the creek and leaving lots of litter behind. I was stunned by the turn of events but also a bit relieved as the man seemed to be a legitimate official. I tried to explain to the man that my bikini top wasn’t litter and that I had been trying to retrieve it. The man wouldn’t listen to my logic and told me he would have to give me a citation for littering the waterways of the state. I was dumbfounded… I couldn’t believe this was happening. I am the most green conscious person I know. I never litter and recycle everything that can possibly be reused. The first thing that flashed through my mind was to flirt or expose myself in an attempt to sway his decision. He was so stern that I doubted the ploy would work, and exposing myself might get me in more trouble. However I had to try something and by this time I felt safe that he wasn’t going to molest me. I emotionally pleaded with the man not to fine me and tried to convince him that I am very environment friendly. As I pleaded in despair I made dramatic hand gestures that left my **** clearly exposed to him. I also bounced on my toes in frustration which made my bare **** jiggle. I knew exactly what I was doing but my act made it appear I was just absent mindedly exposing myself as I desperately pleaded for leniency.

The ploy didn’t work as the agent was determined to over enforce the laws as he saw them. When my *** baring scheme failed I again covered my boobs with my arms. There was a long pause during which I didn’t know what to do. The man was done lecturing me and it seemed like I was free to go, but he had not yet returned my bikini top. Did he intend to keep it as evidence? If so, I was screwed since I had no other top to wear and all my friends were similarly attired without any extra garments to loan me. The man did not freely relinquish the bikini top. I had to reach my hand out and ask for the garment. The man paused a few seconds then handed me the halter. By now I was very upset with him and was no longer willing to give him a free show. I turned my back to him and looped the string halter over my neck. It then occurred to me that I was exposing my bare *** to the man but it was too late to correct that. I pulled the back strings behind my back but I was so upset that my hands were trembling which made it difficult to tie the strings. I twisted my body towards the man with the intent of asking him to tie the strings. He had already stepped several feet away but was still watching me. It was clear by the distance he put between us that he didn’t intend to offer any help. I instantly felt defiant and thought “**** him… I don’t want his help.” I left the back string untied as I just wanted to get away from the man as quick as possible. In order to climb down the steep rocky bank I had to turn to face the bank, and the Game agent. With my bikini top dangling loose around my neck my bare **** were again fully exposed to him as I carefully made my way down the bank. Once I was in the creek again I made no attempt to cover up as my back was to the man anyway.

I have been having financial difficulties and the littering fine was just one more payment I didn’t need. I was visibly shaken by the encounter and by the time I returned to the creek I was crying. Brandi had already started towards me out of support or worry about me. She was about half way to my location when my teary eyes became so blurred it was difficult to see where I was going. After a few minor slips I just sat down in the creek and cried. Brandi was soon at my side and helped me to my feet, then we leaned on each other for support as we made our way back to our friends. When I told them what happened they agreed that the littering citation was absurd and they tried to comfort me as much as possible. Brandi and Connie also told me that the Game Warden was the same creepy man who had been following us on the path earlier. Apparently he saw us as potential litterers and followed us in the hope of catching us doing something wrong. When we left the path and waded in the stream we assumed we had shaken him. Apparently he left the path and continued through the bush to trail us. By the time I lost my bikini top he had probably been a voyeur and watching our bare T&A for quite a long time.

I was so distraught about the citation that I was no longer in the mood to enjoy the sun. I just wanted to go home. Brandi tried to sooth me by insisting on giving me a massage. I was in no mood to be consoled but I hated to ruin the day for the others so I reluctantly allowed Brandi to give me a massage. I lay on my belly and she started by giving me a neck and shoulder massage which had little effect on relaxing me at first since I was so upset about the littering citation. As she massaged my neck she untied the neck string of my halter to get the garment out of her way. The massage was so extensive that eventually I began to relax some. Her fingers kneaded my shoulders in a firm yet tender manner that I couldn’t help but enjoy. The warm sun beating down on my bare flesh contributed an additional soothing effect to the massage. By the time she moved her hands down to massage the rest of my back I was beginning to not have a care in the world. She alternated using various massaging techniques. Sometimes she was firmly kneading my muscles, sometimes she used a rapid chopped technique using the edges of her hands, and sometimes she used a light feathering motion with the tips of her fingernails. The later gave me a delightful tingling sensation from my scalp, down my spine to my toes. I absolutely love that feeling. By the time she worked her way down to massage the small of my back I was becoming totally relaxed without a care in the world.

I wasn’t real surprised when the massage started to turn a bit more erotic. I certainly didn’t complain when Brandi’s hands moved down to gently fondle my bare *** cheeks. She then spread my legs wide apart so she could reposition herself in a kneeling posture between my legs. She tenderly caressed every inch of my cheeks and the back of my thighs, occasionally moving her hands randomly up over my back again. As she stroked my thighs her fingers sometimes brushed teasingly into my crotch, causing me to gently hump my hips in order to encourage her to touch me more. The relaxing massage had turned into a mildly erotic massage which I didn’t think would progress any further. Wow, was I wrong. Brandi was soon rubbing my crotch firmly but sensuously as I slowly humped my hips up, down, and around in rhythm with her movements. I was really enjoying myself when Brandi stunned me by pulling my g-string to the side to reveal my wet ***** lips. As she ran her fingertips softly up and down my lips I was concerned that we were going too far for the sake of our friends. I knew Connie has had the hots for me ever since we met so it might be cruel to tease her by engaging in sexual activity right in front of her. Lynne is very sexual but extremely straight so she might be offended by our bi-sexual activities. I whimpered a little in protest but Brandi’s touch felt so great that I couldn’t resist it. As her fingers penetrated my lips I turned my head towards the other girls. To my surprise the other two girls were engaged in conversation and didn’t seem to be aware of what was going on between Brandi and me. It took me a while to realize that Connie seemed to be aware of what we were doing. She had positioned herself in a sitting posture near my hips with her back to me, facing Lynne. That effectively blocked Lynne’s view of my lower body that Brandi was so effectively arousing. Lynne was so absorbed in the conversation, and being a bit of a ditz anyway, that she didn’t seem to be aware of Brandi ************ me just a few feet away from her.

Brandi expertly moved her fingers in and out of me in a deliberate twisting motion that was slowly driving me berserk. Occasionally she extracted her fingers to wiggled them up and down over my lips and ******* to make me moan softly with desire. I was soon so wrapped up in the wonderful sensations Brandi was creating in me that I was no longer concerned about nor aware of the other two girls at all. My lover just about sent me over the edge when she started kissing the back of my neck. She knows that drives me totally crazy. She stopped kissing me and whispered in my ear “Roll over so I can do your front.” Without hesitation I rolled over on my back and we exchanged some long, soulful, tenderly sensuous kisses. Her hand moved softly over my **** and her finger tips gently grazed my nipples in a circular pattern. I responded my untying her bikini top to free her shapely breasts. Before I could even reach out to her ****, she moved her lips from mine and moved down to twirl her tongue around my hard nipples. As she teased my nipples with her tongue her finger wiggled against my protruding ****, causing a quivering whimper to escape from my lips. It was clear that our interaction was all about pleasing me and I didn’t have a problem with that. We both knew that at some time I would reciprocate for the special treatment I was receiving.

Brandi continued to tease my **** as she peppered kisses all over my belly and pelvis in a teasingly random pattern while her fingers moved down to penetrate my ***** again. As she steadily pumped her fingers into me, she twirled her tongue around my ****. I was in heaven as I gently squirmed and softly moaned from the pleasure she was creating in me. I closed my eyes as the warm sun bathed by naked body with warmth that seemed to accentuate the erotic sensations Brandi was providing me with. It wasn’t long before she extracted her fingers and replaced them with her tongue that darted and flicked into every crevasse of my ***** that it could reach. I became so engrossed with the pleasure that I was receiving that I was aware of nothing else. The pleasure was so all encompassing that I don’t know how long it was before I realized there was another tongue and hands on my body. I opened my eyes to see Connie sucking and nibbling gently on my nipples as she twirled her fingers around my ****. Normally I might have been alarmed that Connie was taking liberties with me because I don’t want to encourage her crush on me. However, in this situation I was losing control and didn’t have the will nor the desire to resist her. Having two feminine tongues and four hands roaming all over my body was driving me delirious with pleasure.

The girls were experts at bringing me to the verge of ******, then backing off to keep me craving more. The dual stimulation was incredibly sensuous to the point that I was aware of nothing else other than the delightful arousal that was growing out of control inside of me. The sexual stimulation was incredible but I also felt a strong need for emotional interaction. Brandi must had sensed my needs as her lips came to mine in a deep soulful kiss. Our tongues passionately battled over and between each other’s lips as Brandi’s tongue continued to explore every fold of my *****. WHAT??!!! How was that possible. I suddenly realized that Brandi and Connie had switched places and the aggressive lesbian was eating my *****. I was instantly alarmed as I never intended to entice Connie into full out sex with me. I could only softly moan “No.. no.. stop.” My protest was so weak that it was easily ignored by the other girls. My resistance was so feeble that I’m not sure if I meant it myself. My panic was quickly swept aside as I surrendered to the divine pleasure the girls were providing me with. With Brandi providing emotional and physical stimulation to my upper body, and Connie expertly tonguing my ***** my arousal grew so strong I couldn’t control myself anymore. Suddenly waves of pleasure crashed through my body repeatedly as multiple ******* rendered me totally delirious with gratification. The ******* were so intense I thought I was going insane. Whimpering gasps and squeals were all I could summon as I pleaded for the girls to stop. My pleas may not have been heard, and if they were they were ignored as Connie continued to move her tongue all over my lips to lap up my ***. Perhaps the fact that I was almost involuntarily arching my back and humping my crotch towards Connie’s mouth influenced the girls to continue the scintillating vexation.

I was too rapturous to remember what was happening to me, but apparently Brandi moved to a position where she was squatting over my face. She pulled her bikini to the side and I saw her wet lips lowing towards my face. I instinctively reached out my tongue to flick it over her juicy wet lips. My ******* continued to flow though my body in never ending waves from my head to my toes, seemingly stimulating every molecule of my existence. I felt like I was floating lost on a cloud ******* that was consuming my very being. The ******* were so intense that I couldn’t concentrate on tonguing Brandi’s *****. However, my tongue must have gone on automatic pilot because I eventually felt Brandi’s *** flooding over my face. I lapped up as much of her nectar that I could but much of it flowed over my cheeks and into my hair.

I lost all track of time as it seemed like the mind blowing ******* lasted for an eternity. I’m not even sure if I was conscious the entire time. Eventually my ******* started to subside and I began to become somewhat aware of my surroundings. Brandi and Connie were sitting next to me with huge smiles on their faces, obviously very proud of how they had driven me insane with their seductive skills. It seemed apparent that my ******* had continued after their stimulation has ceased. Brandi was cleaned and fully clothed in her bikini again, showing no evidence that she had experienced ******* too. I felt a little embarrassed that I had let myself go so completely with Connie. Tremors of mild ******* made me quiver noticeably as I sat up and viewed the mess on my body. Brandi’s *** coated my face, neck and some of my hair. My crotch and inner thighs were soaked in my own *** that glistened in the sun. I still did not have full motor capabilities which made the other girls giggle with amusement as I awkwardly crawled into the shallow water to clean myself off. The cool water was refreshing on my hot skin so I just collapsed and let the water flow over my naked body to revive me.

Eventually somebody made the observations “Hey, where’s Lynne?” I had initially been embarrassed to let Lynne see me engaged in bi-sexual activity, but had gradually become so engrossed in the titillating stimulation that I forgot all about her. Lynne’s beach bag and bikini top were still on the pebble bar but she was nowhere to be seen. We called out her name but there was no response. We became concerned and decided we had better go looking for her. I was still feeling weak as I tried to step into my g-string. My actions were obviously very feeble as I had trouble just balancing on one leg while I tried to lift the other leg into the tiny garment. Brandi gently put her hand on my wrist and gazed into my eyes as she simply said “Please don’t.” That was all the encouragement I needed because I really didn’t want to get dressed anyway. With my friends clothed in their bikinis and me buck naked we set out to find our missing companion.

We knew Lynne hadn’t climbed the bank to walk through the forest since the brush was too dense to navigate while half naked. Downstream was towards civilization so we didn’t think she went that way being topless. So we started wading upstream. We all walked cautiously on the slippery rock bed of the stream, but in my weakened state I was having more balance problems than the others. Brandi and Connie each took my hands in theirs to help me with my balance. The hand holding also served as a sign of affection that I greatly appreciated after the amazing sex they had provided me with.

We were in a light hearted mood as we waded up the stream in search of our friend. It felt great to be au natural in the wild. It made me feel so free and natural to be naked without a care in the world. The girls teased me, saying “If we run into that game warden maybe you can **** him and get him to forget about the littering citation.” I then began to worry that I had used bad judgment in leaving my clothes behind. It felt like we were the only people in the world, but what if we did run into somebody. I would have nothing to cover myself with. We had gone too far for me to go back and get my clothes without interrupting our search for Lynne. So we continued on with me naked as a new born babe. Eventually we spotted Lynne wading towards us and she waved to us when we called out to her. As she got closer she broke out in laughter and said “I had a feeling that g-string wasn’t going to stay on all day.” We inquired why she had wandered off (I think I already knew the answer.) She replied “You guys are disgusting!” She laughed when she said it, but I sensed that she was somewhat serious. She had departed from our company because she was grossed out by our sexual activities. Lynne is as good a **** as anybody, but as a strict heterosexual the viewing of lesbian sex was something she wanted to avoid.

Even though Lynne had been embarrassed by our lesbian lust, she got over it and we were all having a fun time wading back to the pebble bar. When we arrived at our destination I remained naked as we sat to rest for a while. Brandi said “You’d better be careful not to burn,” then she began applying sunscreen to the white tan lines surrounding my slit. Her touch got me instantly aroused again and we began kissing each other as she stimulated my ****. When Lynne saw what we were doing she exclaimed “Oh Jeeze!” We broke out laughing and ceased our foreplay so as not to drive off our friend again.

After a short rest we decided it was time to be heading home. As I gathered up my things I lamented “This feels so right to be naked. I hate to get dressed.” Brandi suggested “There’s no need to be in a hurry to cover up. I like you like this. It should be safe to stay naked until we get back to the trail.” The other girls agreed that it should be safe so it didn’t take any more convincing that that for me to remain nude. I slung my beach bag onto my shoulder then Brandi, Connie and I again held hands as we waded down the shallow stream. I had regained my strength by then but the holding of hands helped all of us keep our balance on the slippery smooth rocks in the creek bed, plus it was a nice gesture of affection towards each other that we shared.

As we waded down the stream it was difficult to tell exactly where we had originally climbed down into the stream from the trail. We couldn’t actually see the trail from the lower elevation of the stream bed. And, from the different angle we had trouble recognizing any landmarks. We continued to wade in the stream for quite a ways, chatting, laughing, and joking around, just having a fun time together. I was in such a fine state of mind I didn’t pay any attention to how far we had gone until I saw a clearing up ahead. I then realized we had walked almost all the way back to the small park where we had left the car. I gasped when I saw two fishermen standing at the waters edge ahead of me. In a panic I tried to throw my arms over my private parts. Brandi and Connie instantly tightened their grips on my hands which prevented me from covering myself. It was obvious the two girls had noticed the fishermen long before I had. I squealed with alarm and squirmed futilely to free my hands. As we struggled with each other we were all squealing with laughter and churning up the shallow water. If the fishermen hadn’t already seen me the noise we created certainly brought us to their attention. The guys were only about fifty feet away from us so they had a very clear view of my frantically squirming naked body as my friends playfully kept me exposed to them. Brandi is fully aware that I have a fantasy about forced public nudity but the prank caught me totally off guard. I struggled for what seemed like a couple of minutes, but it may have only been twenty seconds… I can’t really say. During that time I was constantly ******* and struggling which made my **** and cheeks perpetually jiggle to put on a show for the guys.

Eventually I broke free of the other girls, or they simply released me. I then tried to pull them together to form a barrier between me and the guys as I got dressed. I started digging in my beach bag for my clothes and found my Daisy Dukes first. When I raised my head I discovered my friends had scattered to dismantle my modesty barrier, again leaving me fully exposed to the guys. I tried to get Brandi to hold my beach bag while I put on the shorts but she mischievously declined. I tried to compose myself as I waded to the waters edge and set my bag on a dead log. I was trembling with nervous excitement as I stepped into my shorts then started digging in my bag to find my bikini top. The tiny garment eluded me for several seconds before I finally located it. Unfortunately I couldn’t just loop it over my head and tie the back since Brandi had untied the neck string when she was giving me the back rub. While I was untangling the strings Connie approached me and said “Let me help you with that.” Before I could thwart her move she took the halter from my hands. Instead of untangling the strings she bent down to swish the bikini top in the water to soak it, then handed it back to me. Of course by soaking the thin white garment it turned sheer when wet. My back was to the fishermen as I untangled and put on the string halter so I was no longer lewdly exposed to them, but I was still nervous and embarrassed.

The thin fabric of the bikini dries to an opaque condition within a minute or two, but my friends had already moved downstream and gotten out of the creek. I was too embarrassed to stand around and wait for the bikini top to dry so I hurried after my friends. I climbed out of the creek and had to walk right past the two fishermen. They appeared to be a middle aged man and his teen age son. I had dressed in such a hurry that my shorts were unbuttoned and half unzipped and my sheer wet bikini top left my **** clearly exposed. I could feel myself blushing a bright red as I sheepishly walked past the guys. The older man’s face was expressionless as he nodded a silent greeting towards me but the boy was grinning ear to ear as he stared at my chest. Duh! I was in such a panic it didn’t even occur to me to hold my beach bag over my exposed boobs. As I walked away from the guys I heard the boy exclaim “Wow! Did you see that?” The man replied “I guess mermaids really do exist.” I turned my head back to see them both gazing at me. The boy was still wearing his **** eating grin and the dad was also smiling. It suddenly occurred to me “Why am I being such a prude.” I was blowing a perfect opportunity to expose myself. I stopped and began digging in my beach bag as if I had lost something. After a few seconds I put a worried expression on my face and walked back towards the guys. The dad made eye contact with me but the boy stared straight at my chest. I told the guys “I lost my keys. Have you seen them on the ground around here?” Of course they hadn’t, I knew my keys were safe in my beach bag. I proceeded to walk up and down along the creek to where I had climbed out of the water. The guys were gracious enough to help me look for the key while gazing at my ***’s the whole time. I was starting to have a blast showing off for the guys. With my shorts undone they gradually started to creep low on my hips until the white tan lines on my mound were visible and I was in danger of exposing my slit. It felt very exhilarating to know that my shorts were hanging so loosely on my hips that they could fall down at any time.

I pretended to search for the keys for a couple of minutes while my bikini top dried to an opaque condition. Even when the top became opaque my erect nipples were very noticeable as they protruded out against the thin fabric. I knelt down on the ground and proceeded to search through my beach bag again. In the kneeling position my half open shorts rode down in back to show a generous amount of the top of my *** to the guys. I finally pretended to find my keys and squealed with delight at the false discovery. I jumped to my feet, gave dad and lad a quick kiss on the cheek for helping me look for my keys, then ran across the small park towards my car where my friends were waiting for me. As I ran the bouncing motion caused my shorts to fall lower until my *** was almost fully exposed. I had to grasp the front of my shorts to keep them from falling off.

When I got to the car Lynne asked “What was that all about?” I giggled “I couldn’t find my keys. The guys helped me find them.” Brandi snickerd “Sure you did.” We all laughed because they all knew I had intentionally delayed to tease the guys.

All in all we had a great day at the secluded area of the stream, except for the littering citation. I haven’t been back to that location for topless sunbathing since it is so hard to get to, and it feels like the place has bad karma due to the littering incident.

In retrospect I have never actually fantasized about a *********, but I never imagined my first foray into that activity would be a fff. However, Brandi did grant me a couple other of my fantasies. The forced public nudity wasn’t exactly as I dream of it to be but it was still good. My fantasies are usually in an urban setting with more people around. However, being viewed by just two guys was still frightening, embarrassing, exciting, and exhilarating. I’m really glad the girls played the prank on me.

Another fantasy is to have sex on a beach with the warm sun beating down on us. That is more of a romantic fantasy with a guy but our sexual activities on this day were close enough. Wasn’t on a beach, but a secluded stream isn’t much different. Wild sex with two girls isn’t the same as romantic love making with a special guy, but the sun beating down on us was the same in fantasy and reality. I would still like to explore both of these fantasies further, but at least I can say that I have experienced them to some degree.



Almost a couple of weeks after this incident I got a summons to appear before a magistrate. I hoped to appeal to his male appetite in order to influence his opinion. I wore a short flirty skirt and a sleeveless blouse with enough buttons left open to reveal a touch of cleavage. When I arrived at his office I found a man well into his 60s who, unfortunately, wasn’t swayed by sex appeal. What made matters worse was the embarrassment of telling the grandfatherly figure how my topless sunbathing had led to me losing my bikini top. I explained that I hadn’t intentionally littered and that I didn’t consider the lost bikini top at litter anyway. The judge asked if I would have been able to retrieve the bikini top in the current had the game warden not snagged it for me. I honestly confessed that it seemed like the garment would have been lost if not for the warden, and that I was very grateful for his aid. The judge then told me that since the garment was irretrievable, that made it litter and the game warden was correct in giving me a citation for littering. I was very hopeful that I could get out of the fine so I was stunned by the magistrate’s ruling. I was even more stunned by his lack of sympathy for me as he proceeded to lecture me about littering. He then levied a $50 fine and told me I was lucky I hadn’t been cited for public lewdness which carries a much stiffer fine. I then got yet another lecture about keeping my clothes on in public. His judgmental attitude had me extremely embarrassed and almost in tears. (Imagine that, a judge being judgmental.) After leaving his office I became more angry than upset. Fifty bucks may not be much to some of the readers, but it is a very unwelcome expense for somebody who is struggling to keep her head above water financially.

At least the incident is behind me and I have some fun memories of the wild things we did that day:

Having your lost clothing considered littering….$50
Being chastised by a game warden and magistrate…. Humiliating.
Naked memories in the sun… PRICELESS!!!!
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I loved hearing about your embarassment, it was especially arousing to know it got you hot!

Erotically amusing story. Very nice and enjoyable.


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Beautifuly retold story!<br />
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