Some Friends,what Are You Going To Do About Them

one day i was haveing some friends over and when they said they had to leave i went upstairs to take a i go get a towel get naked and get in the shower.then i here one of my friends scream for help.i turn off the shower put on my towel and run outside.i see my friend standing in the backyard and they tell me to go to the car so i go look insde and see another one of my friends lying on the floor.then they jump up yell"got ya!" slam the door shut turn on the car my other friend jumps in nd they drive away.i dont know if they ment to do this but when they drove away my towel got caught in the car door and they drove away with it.i run to the back door and its locked so run to the front door and its locked i have to go ask my neighbor for a key.i get there knock on the door and she is haveing friends over so there is ten people stareing at me naked.when she gives me the key i run back to the house and go to unlock the door and its the wrong key!so i have to go back and tell her its the wrong key and wait while she gives me the right one so i have to stand in the doorway for like five minutes with all the people staring at me.
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nice story