Grandmother Saw Me Naked

I remember a summer when I was 16, I was helping my grandparents sorting out the basement after they had moved, because they were growing old and would rather have everything organized and within range and etc..

Anyway, after I had replaced a few boxes filled with stuff from their old house, my grandmother told me to take a shower whenever I felt like doing so, and to make myself at home, as long as they were notified.

few moments later that's what I decided to do because I was just about done with my "job" anyway. SO.. When I was done, I wrapped a towel around my waist and left the bathroom..

Then I met my grandma in the hall, she told me that grandpa had gone to take a nap, and that there was one box of old video tapes left that should be moved.
She followed me down to the basement and showed me where I should put it.
(Keep in mind that I was wearing a towel this whole time..)

She told me that I should put it on a shelf right next to the stairs. I quickly noticed that the only space left was on the very top of it, so I changed my position a bit to be able to place it (no handles or anything on the box so it was an awkward "process" to be able to lift it even higher.. Kind of like when you see people on the TV lifting heavy weights...) ANYWAY.. When I was about to place it, I felt something creep up on me, and woosh! My towel was ripped off of me in an instant!

So there I was standing with my hands above my head, unavailable of covering my self.. I heard my grandma laugh.. After placing the box, I turned around to see her standing there with my towel in her hands. She commented on how I was in such "great shape". Then she glanced both up and down & inspected my body. She even grinned and said "Wow! You sure have grown!"
(I assumed she ment my p*nis, because it seemed like she couldn't take her eyes of it..) I said "thanks" and tried to simply not bother that I was standing there naked..

few moments later she asked me if I wanted to go back upstairs because I was probably getting chilly, I agreed and we went up the stairs. We went up the stairs and as I was getting into the guest room to get my clothes, she slapped me on my bum and told me that I might as well stay naked if I wanted to, because she apparently loved nudity.. *cough cough*.. -- awkward --
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Sounds like you have a pretty cool grandma

Funny Story! I guess your grandma liked what she saw. Did you ever try to cover up your front side? Did you ever get hard or you stayed soft the whole time? Were you embarrassed at all and was that the last time she saw you naked. Up until then had your mom ever seen you naked since you had started puberty?

haha, I guess she did! well, I got hard due to the excitement. :p
I blushed, attempting to cover my pride.. Embarrassing? Yes, yes indeed.. At least at the very beginning, until she told me that gramps & herself used to be naked all the time when they were at home back in the days. I had no idea that they were like that, I was mildly shocked :p She told me that if I had the guts to be around her naked, I might as well stay naked!
My mom and I have a quite open relationship, as she has walked in on me in the shower earlier, and she's now aware of the fact that when it's hot outside during the summer, I sleep naked! .. And in the morning I'd walk downstairs naked without even thinking of it..