In Swiming-pool Shower

This happened to me while in college. I went every afternoon to the pool to do some exercise, but one day I could not go in the afternoon and went in the morning. In the morning the pool was shared with courses for children from nearby villages. The courses were using the same costumes for adults, but blocked the doors to the showers and when they were in a swimsuit gave a rather long detour to get to the pool. When I was in the pool and saw that the workshop was to begin children and hold several lanes forcing adults to be more tight in the other got out of the pool and went to change. I began to shower, obviously without the suit, when I heard female voices of the caregivers of children in the courses, which I assumed were going to the rodeo to go to the locker room to pick up the backpacks of children. What was my surprise when be washing my head, eyes closed, I think I hear the voices stronger, I open my eyes and I find the five monitors, looking directly at my penis, I had my hands on my head and I be paralyzed while I blushed and began to have an erection, I did not think hands down. In the end they left smiling and one of them I muttered an apology, because they thought the showers were empty. In that minute tour I died of shame when I remember but now I feel energized.

I'm sorry for the english but is not my lenguage.
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nice story