when i was 9 the babysitter that often babysat when my parents went to work. i was getting out of the shower and she open the bathroom door to check on me and got a full view of my bare butt she said oh my i did not know you where naked. the babysitter was about 15.
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did you stay naked?

She opens the bathroom to check on you taking a shower and she didn't know you were naked??? Does she come from a planet where people shower while fully clothed???

I know it's an old story from a now-deleted author but I thought the SAME thing - she opens the door to a bathroom to check on the boy and is surprised he's naked? Sounds a bit more like she was hoping to see him naked although I wouldn't think most 15 y.o. girls would care to see a 9 y.o. boy naked. Still... to each her own!