Saturday morning, I decided to go get the mail when I was working in yard. rather than walk back to the house and get a cover, I thought what the hell. I walked down driveway and heard no cars, so i walked out to mailbox(right beside main highway). As I walked around corner of drive, I was looking right and when I turned head back, imaging my surprise when two women stood there looking me over. They were from the private campsite across road.

A said good morning and walked by them to mailbox and got the mail out and kind of looked thru the mail. When I turned back to head for the house, they were standing there looking at me yet. I told them I was sorry, but did not realize that they were walking down the road and hoped I had not upset them too much.

They both said it was not a problem, that they both preferred to wear as little clothes as possible. One of them mentioned she thought she had seen me nude a coupleof times the day before when i was mowing lawn. I told them I was nude most of time when mowing lawn. They said they would not say anything, but would keep binoculars handy when I was outside from now on.

I wished them a good day and walked back up drive to house. I think they enjoyed the view, as they did not resume their walk until I was at the house.

showmee55 showmee55
61-65, M
Sep 5, 2012