Home Alone

Well it was early in the morning half awake, sitting there naked drinking my coffee watching the news. I decided to get motivated and jump in the shower I dont wear clothes as it is, so Im in there doing my thing, jumped out dried off and walked into the kitchen still not dressed and my neighbor was in there she had a key,she turned around the same time I walked in there we both just stood there in shock, her face was so red Isaid Im sorry but she said dont worry about it so we just sat there talking and I felt comfortable being naked and was turned on by it also she noticed I was turned and just smiled we sat there for hrs.When she got up to leave she said it was a nice surprize.now when she comes over I dont bother getting dressed.She said would love to go naked I said I dont mind........we both laughed.
safeone safeone
41-45, M
Sep 5, 2012