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one time my sisters invited 30 girls to our house to have a pool party ive never seen so many girls in one place for some reason i was the only guy there it turns out there was a reason for that when i was about to jump in the pool i felt a tug on my swim trunks i fell in but i was completly naked when i poked my head out i saw elizabeth with my trunks i told her to give it back and she said to climb out first i actually didnt mind being naked in front of all of those girls when i climbed out though they all cheered but my sister still didnt give me my trunks it turns out her plan was to have me be the special entertainment for all her friends so all the girls were given a good show while i was feeling like well a naked guy in front of a bunch of girls
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

Awesome. Did u. Do it anymore